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Mexican Culture November 24, 2009

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Mexican culture is one of the most beautiful cultures in the world. It is a culture that has a lot of traditions and it is full of beautiful peolple but sometimes these people in my opinion despite it because of their lack of knowledge and they even get ashamed of it.
Mexico has large metropolitanian areas like Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and the city of Puebla. It has rural areas too like in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas and other beautiful towns.

The best thing about Mexico is the spicy food like tacos, chilaquiles, tamales and the famous salsa. In other countries they remember Mexico because of the salsa.

Unfortunately, a lot of teenagers in Mexico are ignorant about Mexican culture and it is very sad because the mayority of them don’t even care about where they came from. They are disinterested about their culture.

Mexican culture is full of traditions like a very popular one is when we use the piñatas in the parties and when we eat tacos with salsa.
The history in Mexico is very rich and had left us a patrimony
In Mexico every person is different because of the cultures around the world. In the north of Mexico people speak different than in the South and in the center of Mexico the accent is different too. All this is because the tradition of each state of Mexico is different.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico. We have one of the biggest passions forsoccer. When the Mayas were in Mexico they used to play a similar game called the ball game. It was like soccer but the net was a very small arrow. When the Spanish colonized us they left a lot of traditions like our Catholic religion and our beautiful language.

I think that all Mexicans should be very proud of Mexican culture. We all should respect it more and try to know more about the history of Mexico and keep its traditions.


The Mexican Revolution November 21, 2009

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The Mexican Revolution was not as many believe: a battle between Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.

The Revolution began in 1910 and lasted until the last revolutionary hero died when he was murdered by those who once were his allies. It all started because the Mexicans were getting tired of the dictator Porfirio Diaz. All the farmers were marginalized and the slaves joined forces in a revolutionary army to defeat the dictator.

It all started when, in 1908, Porfirio Diaz said that Mexico was ready for democracy in an interview with an American journalist. These people who had heard about this interview felt that it was time to participate in politics. One such man was Francisco I. Madero. Together with other young politician, Francisco I. Madero created the ”Anti-reeleccionista” Party, which he represented in the presidential elections.

Partido Liberal Mexicano

Madero who was very rich, and an owner of vineyards and wineries in Coahuila, had no need to meddle in politics, to increase his fortune. But he truly believed that Mexico needed a change. For that he participated in the elections of 1910 against Porfirio Diaz. Francisco I. Madero at first only wanted to be the vice president not the president, but he was exiled and persecuted by troops of President Porfirio Diaz. In exile, Francisco I. Madero released the ”Plan of San Luis,” that declared that the elections had been a fraud and that he would not recognize Porfirio Diaz as the legitimate President of the Republic. He called to take up arms on November 20th, 1910, which marked the beginning of the Mexican Revolution. The revolutionary characters that almost everyone knows, joined this call to arms. The first was Pascual Orozco and Francisco Villa (Pancho Villa) who joined on November 14th. And in March of 1911, the legendary Emiliano Zapata joined the revolution.

One year later in 1911, Orozco and  Pancho Villa began taking control of cities in the northern of the country while Zapata took control of city’s in south.

After that Orozco and Pancho Villa were captured in Ciudad Juarez. These events combined, forced to the presidente Porfirio Diaz to escape to France. Even though he fled, Diaz left a large army under the command of General Victoriano Huerta and a provisional president, but when the revolutionary forces arrived to Mexico City, the forces of the ex-president Diaz surrender. Then Madero was declared president.

Madero’s presidency was short-lived though. Francisco I. Madero turned against Zapata by trying to please him and the inaction convinced Villa and Orozco to also abandon Francisco I. Madero too.  Taking this opportunity the remaining forces of the president Diaz, leader by the Gral. Victoriano Huerta betrayed president Francisco I. Madero and murdered him and all his allies in the Capital, like Benedict Arnold betrayed the americans in the independence of U.S, Victoriano Huerta. He takes all the power and tries to restore the old type of goverment of Porfirio Diaz. Knowing this Zapata, Villa and Venustiano Carranza a  governor, joined forces against the traitor and battle arrived again to the country.

The Mexican Revolution was not only a war to fight for the change and freedom. It also changed Mexico’s history forever. Whether they were fighting for their freedom or wanted to escape the chaos, they were affected by the rise and fall of power.



Mexican Celebrations

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Mexico is known for having the most fun and outgoing people, people who like to celebrate all the moments they can. It is true, we have parties for many types of events, including:

Independence Day on 15 and 16 September:

This is the most important day in Mexico as we celebrate the independence and be free, therefore we always “cry” we are where we are, with bazaars, festivals, clubs, house meetings, dinners. That day everywhere in Mexico you can find places to have a good time and fun with food, drinks, a lot fo tequila, music and so on.

Dia De Muertos: 2 November

Although this event is very criticizedin several places, because they say it is a mockery of death, it is quite the opposite. We celebrate that our loved ones are in a better place, and if you also say it is not something that you have fear apart it is like Halloween .. We have fun while we celebrate, not always healthy, but it’s fun.

24 and 31 Decemeber

Christmas and New Year! Obviously we have to celebrate! This is a day when family and friends gather to celebrate new experiences, new destinations, and so on.

These are some of the most popular holiday in Mexico, but there are more than 52 900 different parties, but we take into account all the states there, and beliefs of each and the people, entities, etc..
We celebrate the saints, foundations of villages, etc..


Mexican Cinema November 20, 2009

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 Mexican cinema started in the age of the Mexican revolution. The videomen took videos of all the battles and latter they converted them into movies.

And the first Mexican cineman was called Antonio Moreno. He made the first movie in all the history of Mexico with  voices and famous artists that was called the Blood of the Revolution.

The best artist in all the Mexican history is called Pedro Infante. He made more than 20 movies and each one is cool. He also was a singer and in all of his movies he sings at least one song.

He is the most claimed artist in all history and he died in his own airplane at the age of 41 in 1957 .

The most famous Mexican old movies are Los 3 Garcia , A toda Maquina , Alla en Rancho Grande , el Fantasma de la Opereta etc.. and all of this movies are of comedian style and some are in black and white .

In many movies the artists sing too and make dangerous scenes by themselves.

Also one of the best Mexican actors is called “Cantinflas” and he is the most famous comedian in all Mexican history. He made a lot of movies like “los 3 Garcia,” el Bobero , etc. He died in a car accident at the age of 39 and he left the Mexican people the best comedian movies in all time.

That’s all for old Mexican cinema! Hope you enjoy!


Soccer Culture November 19, 2009

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“Soccer Culture”

The Mexican Soccer Federation was founded on August 23, 1927 by Humberto Garza Ramo. Here is the beginning of a new culture, the soccer culture.

This culture began with the team of Pachuca in 1900, since this one was the first professional team of soccer in Mexico. With this began the first shock of passions when in 1902, the first championship happened between Orizaba Athletic Club, Pachuca A.C. and el Reforma A.C.

But the best thing was when the first Mexican Selection of Soccer was formed in 1923, because Mexican people were leaving the rivalries that they had between the teams, to form a team that would represent Mexico and then this team had his first participation in an international event in 1928 in Amsterdam against Spain.

With this, Mexican soccer began to grow, since they were joining the league, teams like America, Asturias, Atlante, España, Marte and Necaxa, where big figures and big passions went out, returning to the soccer as the most important culture of those times.

Now the Mexican Soccer Federation is constituted by four professional divisions: The First Professional Division, League of Ascent, The Second and Third Division. All the leagues are important, but the most important is the First Professional Division that possesses 18 clubs like: Cruz Azul, Toluca, Chivas, America, Pachuca, Santos, Pumas and others clubs, that are divide in three groups and the League of Ascent, with 17 clubs.

Here at the end of the two tournaments the two best soccer teams, have a match to decide who goes to the first professional division, but right now, the thing that has increased our soccer culture, are the tournaments between Sub-20 and Sub-17, where the young men who take part, might manage to be professional players.

For me, soccer is very important, since I had sacrificed my relationship with my girlfriend, homework, school and family events, to play soccer and maybe I seem rare to you but for me it is a live style, since I love soccer.

When I was playing in middle school at the ITESM, I was one on one against the goalkeeper and then, when I was ready to shoot, the adversary came and pushed me back and as a consequence, when I fell down, my shoulder was obstructed and my body continued in movement. Then my shoulder was broken and in a championship in the city of Chihuahua, the defense put his shoes in my right knee and this hurt my knee, but the adrenaline that I had in those moments was so much, that I got up, without caring that my shoulder was broken or my knee was wrong, I continued playing, until the game ended!

Soccer is considered to be a culture, because soccer was founded by our ancestors and then was passed from generation to generation.

For example: when a child is born and when he or she sees ball, he or she only wants to kick it and when he or she grows, the first thing that they want to do is to play soccer and for me this is true, since I was born in a soccer players family.

“This Culture is not about business, it is about passion.” 


Hats of Mexico

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Mexican Hats

In Mexico most of the regional suits have accessories such collars, shoes and hats.

The hats are an important part of the suit. A hat can talk about the social range of a people and how much power they have. The parts of the hats are:

Corona o Copa: the high part of the hat.

Borde o Ala: is the protection of the circumference of the hat that is on the edge.

Banda suave: is the internal part of the hat that has the contact with the head.

Banda del sombrero o Cinturón: this is used to give the form to a hat.

Visera o Ala frontal: is the part of the hat that protects the face and neck from the sun.

Some types of hats are:

Caporal: it is a basic hat with a high copa, it is use by some native people in Mexico.

Charro de Fieltro con Greca: this hat is made with wool and has an accessory with a ribbon made from chamois leather. This hat is used by the charros in their daily outfit and when they ride their horses.

Guerrero/Michoacán: this hat represents the native culture of Michoacán and Guerrero. It has a red ribbon that give a special touch to the hat.

Norte and Sinaloa: These hats are used by the ranchers in the northern part of Mexico like Sinaloa and Monterrey.Tamaulipas, Huasteco: this hat us used in the southern area of Mexico and the characteristics is that is made from palm of trees and the top of the crown is flat.Veracruz: in Veracruz these hats are used. These hats are made in two materials in canvas and in tree palm, the hat has this particular crown.

Tabasco: this hat is similar to the hats of Veracruz but this has a high crown.

Viejitos: these hats are used for the traditional dance called “la danza de los viejitos” that try to represent the good of the old,  the good of the fire and the old year, the people dance with energy and fun and make a contrast of the old people and the energy of young people.


Mexican Music

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Mexico has a great variety of music.

Every state and every region of Mexico make up a complete and original musical culture. Fads have come and gone, but what is good remains.  

For example, if you go to Mexico City as a tourist, you may have gone to Garibaldi Plaza to listen to the mariachi singers.

Obviously Mariachi music is one of the most popular in Mexico and one of the most representative of Latin music. Many of the most famous and traditional songs from Mexico are known throughout the world. “Cielito Lindo, “La Bamba”, “Solamente Una Vez” or “Besame Mucho” are some of the clearest examples.


In the musical culture, Mexico is influenced by the United States but also has a strong influence of the Latin side. Rhythms like salsa, merengue, and cumbia are common to listen to. Also on the northern part of the country we have corridos, norteno, grupero, and ranchera styles.

Also there is the pop, rock and commercial side.

During the past three decades, music in Mexico has had important developments in regard to classical music as the leading edge and a strong presence in the popular music and rock.

 Now the most representative artists of Mexico are: Alejandro Fernandez, Thalia, Paulina Rubio, Luis Miguel, Alaska, Timbiriche, Alejandra Guzman, Alex Sintek, Belanova, Moderatto, Belinda, Mana, Kalimba, Alexander Acha, Sin Bandera, Gloria Trevi, etc.

Mexico has a great diversity of music accompanied with dances and costumes typical of each style.