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Entertainment in Mexico November 14, 2009

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This is a very big topic because there are a lot of things that you can do for entertainment, and have fun with those things. I will give you some examples: music, sports, TV, concerts, music reviews, Mexican movie reviews, etc.

In Mexico, there are a lot of things that you can do for entertainment. Entertainment is to have fun with the intention of fixing the attention of an audience or its participants. There are different ways to entertain people, but it depends on the taste of each person, and something very important about how to entertain people is the age of the person, because we know that you are not going to entertain an adult, a child or a baby with the same thing. Obviously they have different ways to have fun.

For example:
– An adult likes to see football games, some cultural expositions, to know about what is happening in the world, to read the news paper, etc.
– A child likes to play football instead of watching it on TV, to see animated cartoons, listening to music, saw movies, etc.
– A baby  likes to cry, to play with his toys, to eat, to destroy the things that he takes, etc.

Mexico is one of the biggest stages of entertainment worldwide. Our culture is unique and it is showed every day in shows, performances and exhibitions to which they are invited to participate. In Mexico you will find that all space is used for cultural expression. The number of theaters and auditoriums is remarkable, but you may also find that even in a simple square you can enjoy a show.

But Mexico also receives the best of art and show business. If you visit the biggest cities of Mexico, you can see the concert or recital of some world-renowned artist, or also to met important people in some shows.

After the excitement of witnessing a show, you’ll want to continue the party. That’s why the Mexican people know how to enjoy the nightlife and for that purpose it has hundreds of bars, restaurants and clubs to do so. Furthermore, we like to share these spaces and our joy with those who visit us.

Guanajuato has a lot of shows that are recognized in Latin-American, and also in the entire world, I will tell you some of them:

   -Festival Cervantino
   -Expresión en Corto
   -Festival de Órgano
   -Rally Corona
   -Guanajuato en Globo
   -Muerte en Cartelera
   -Muestra de Cine de Horror

If you are from another country or also if you want to know more about Mexico and its mystery, even if you are from here, you can visit a lot of places where you can see the history of this wonderful republic and all its magnificent cultures.

I will tell you some current places that you have to see if you want to be impressed.

   -Chichen Itzá
   -Rivera Maya

Mexico has a lot of places that are very important and if I put all of them here, I will not have enough room.

Because of this and all the things that make Mexico a magnificent place, you have a lot of things to do for entertainment and I swear you that you will not get bored  at any time.

*Article written by Saul*


Mexcian Music

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Mexico like all the world is a globalized country and music is Mexico has been globalized. Because of this, in Mexico you can hear a lot kind of music, from jazz to heavy metal; this is the beautiful thing about the country. 

But what is the favorite music in Mexico? Well, we can´t define a specific genre of music, but we can mention some, like rock and all its derivatives like alternative, rock ´n roll and heavy rock. Rock is one of the most popular genres of music in Mexico. There are Mexican groups who represent this genre like Mana, a carry off band in all the world, with its famous songs like El muelle de San Blas, Clavado en un Bar, Manda una señal, Labios compartidos and more. The guys of Mana have the most recognized group in the world.

  Also there are other famous bands like Caifanes, Zoe, ELefante,  and Café Tacuba. In México there is music from Spain that is very famous like Ricardo Arjona, Alejandro Zanz, David Bisbal, Enrique Iglesias.

But if we are talking about good music we have to talk about English music bands, including all types of music, like Green Day with its success songs such as American Idiot, Wake me up when September Ends, The boulevard of the Broken Dreams, Holiday, and the newest, 21 Guns.

We need to mention the legends in the international music, like Cold Play, with Clocks or the Scientist, U2 with Vertigo, The Rolling stones with Gimme Shelter, White Horses and Paint it Black, Queen with  Bohemian Rapsody; The Doorswith Roadhouse Blues, Nirvana with Lithium and of course the Beattles with songs like Yesterday, Let it Be, Imagine and others.

The pop is a word that derived from the word “popular.” Pop means shorthand for popular.  In our country pop is othe of the genres preferred by the population. In this case we need to make  special mention of Britney Spears, Maddona, Justin Timberlake, who have won their high place in the likes of the Mexican people.

 In my particular point of view, the electronic music is one of the best due to its mixture of sounds, compasses and tints, mixing the computers, technology, percussions, guitar and all that you con imagine. However, for creating this kind of music you need to know a lot about this music and the sound. That’s why the best DJs in the world are those who think their mind sounds and then have the ability to create them, mix them, create them and more complicated, so that people like it.

  Although this music is not very commercial, you can hear in bars, in discos, in raves or in concerts, but a lot of times people don´t know who is the author of this music. People like Dj Tiesto, Dj Armin Van Buuren, Dj Paul Van Dyck, Dj Sasha, Dj Ferry Corsten are the best in the world now. Also we can mention the Dj more commercial like, David Guetta or David Tavare.  This kind of music is not so recognized in the Mexico, but around the world it is.   

*Written by David*


Soccer in Mexico

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Currently, in Mexico the entertainment is really good, but it has some bad things like the publicity. It is not an interference in our country because we have a lot of things with a lot of entertainment like the music, sports, TV, concerts, music reviews, Mexican movie reviews, etc. In this work I want to talk about one topic that very important and interesting for me, this topic is one of my pasion life and it is SOCCER. Soccer is a wonderul sport because in this sport soccer players can play with the soccer ball as they wish because they can maneuver with the ball a lot of times and they can run along the field with the ball doing things they thought were impossible. In soccer games we can see a lot of famous soccer players that make a lot of money.

In this sport soccer players are two teams of eleven players. The players who are in the field are the goalkeeper, the person who makes it impossible to make a goal. The next position in the field are the soccer defenses. These are players who do not let the other team have the ball. The next soccer players in the field are the soccer mediums who are people who like to move the ball all over the field because they are so agile and they are so smart because they know how and where they need to move the ball. The last position in soccer is the front soccer players, who are people that put the ball in the opposite goal. They need to shoot the ball in the other goal because with these goals the teams can win.

There are a lot of teams in Mexico like the Guadalajara, Cruz Azul, América, Toluca, Pachuca, Indios, Puebla, Queretaro, Santos,  San Luis,  Atlas, Monterrey, Morelia, Jaguares, Tigres, Atlante, Estudiantes and Pumas. Some of  these teams are so famous for each type of game. Others are so interesting because of the history they have but all of these teams win with one thing in common: they are clean games and the people that go to see the games support them.

I like this sport a lot because it helps the young people , and this is a good way to stay healthy a lot of years. With soccer as entertainment it is great because people can go to the staudiums to support our teams and we can be with our families in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We can also see our teams when the are the champions in the tournament in Mexico and we can be so happy or sometimes so sad when our team loses the tournament or some importants games.

 *Written by Allan*


Mexican Past Times November 13, 2009

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In México there are many sports but not all are from México because some are from the U.S., Rome, England, etc. For example, soccer is the sport most used in the world. Each country has their team of soccer, and competes with each for the victory’s trophy.

Many people likes soccer but some people don’t like to play it, but enjoy watching the games. Currently, there are many stadiums throughout the entire republic of Mexico, but the most used are from Mexico or Monterrey because these cities are bigger, and there are many people that like soccer.

The boys that represent our country in the games normally are from Mexico. Those men are the best players, for example, there is Memo Ochoa, Giovanni Dos Santos, and Cuauhtémoc Blanco.


When Mexico wins a game, in the principal streets of Mexico, there are many people celebrating the victory of their country. The street of the Independence Angel is the street with most people.

Many people play soccer: children, adolescents and adults.
Soccer is a funny game, but also there are others sports that are good, like American football. This is a very strong sport, probably the strongest sport in the world, because the players, always hit each other. Nonetheless, it is an exciting sport, popular.

Those games in the professional category almost never happen in Mexico, but in the mid category frequently you see them. For example, Technologic De Monterrey has their team, and competes with other teams, but only inside of the Mexican republic.

Another popular sport is  swimming because people likes to watch it and practice it.

The sports fans are always watching games on TV or live, but you can also go to the city where the game is. This is a great way to get to know more places, not only go to see the game.


In Mexico there are many forms of having fun,  like exploring places, walking with the family, and playing a sport. But there are also other forms of entertainment: TV, radio, movies, etc. People now spend more time in their houses seeing TV, a movie, etc.
It is okay that you can relax, watching TV or a movie, but you mustn’t be all the time in front of the TV; you must leave to go somwhere, be with friends, family, etc.

There are many ways to enjoy your time, but what makes it unique is who you spend it with. Remember, we will not live for ever, so we have to know how use our time wisely!

For example, sports are a best option to live with the family, take a stroll through the city, and explore places, etc.

There are many ways to enjoy time. For example,  single people go to bars, cinema, or stay at home, if someone, doesn’t knows how to enjoy time, they are alone, because they don’t have family or friends to spend the day with. If you are accompanied with your family or friends, you will have unforgettable moments.

TV, sport games, cinemas, going to bars, and exploring places  are many ways to enjoy. Only use your imagination to know what to do, find a way to entertain your life!! It’s fun!

*Article written by Andrea*


Entertainment in Mexico November 9, 2009

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Because of its landscapes, Mexico has a lot of activities that foreigners and locals love to do, like going to the beach like: Vallarta, Acapulco, Cancun, Ixtapa, Veracruz; swim in the pool with hot water, go camping for leaving the work, the stress, the city, the pollution and the most important to change the custom of everyday. Soccer is the most favorite sport by Mexican people, so one of the principal entertainments in Mexico is to play and watch it on T.V. It is rare that any Mexican hates soccer and especially in men. And it is easy to find people playing football in any place because you only need a ball, two goals and two teams and you can play it like a pro. Mexico, after Europe, has one of the richest football teams in the world because all the fanatics that pays for going to the stadium to support their teams.

But for other Mexicans music is so important and in general Mexicans love “Rancheras” and it can be sung by: rancheras bands, mariachis, trios etc. These bands are like rappers in the U.S.A. because they start in a little town being poor and they finish with a lot of expensive cars and with mansions in all the country.

Although Mexican cinema is not so important in the world it has thousands of quality movies. And the first Mexican movie without help of other countries is El Automóvil Gris that has been filmed in 1919. And the top 20 of the most important movies in Mexico are:

Vámonos con Pancho Villa (1935) from Fernando de Fuentes

Los olvidados (1950) from Luis Buñuel

El compadre Mendoza (1933) from Fernando de Fuentes

Aventurera (1949) from Alberto Gout

Una familia de tantas (1948) from Alejandro Galindo

Nazarín (1958) from Luis Buñuel

Él (1952) from Luis Buñuel

La mujer del puerto (1933) from Arcady Boytler

El lugar sin límites (1977) from Arturo Ripstein

Ahí está el detalle (1940) from Juan Bustillo Oro

Campeón sin corona (1945) from Alejandro Galindo

Enamorada (1946) from Emilio Fernández

Pueblerina (1948) from Emilio Fernández

Canoa (1975) from Felipe Cazals Los hermanos Del Hierro (1961) from Ismael Rodríguez

El ángel exterminador (1962) de Luis Buñuel

Cadena perpetua (1978) de Arturo Ripstein

El rey del barrio (1949) de Gilberto Martínez Solares

El esqueleto de la señora Morales (1959) de Rogelio A. González

Víctimas del pecado (1950) de Emilio Fernández

But Mexico is also a country with a lot of traditions in its  religion or parties to celebrate the victory of some important wars in the past like: Mexican Independence, Mexican Revolution, Batalla de Puebla, Batalla de los Niños Heroes etc. And one of the good things is that in Mexico you can do the same activities all  year round because of the climate, not like in other countries that the half of the year you have snow.

*Article written by Wilfrido*