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Soccer Culture November 19, 2009

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“Soccer Culture”

The Mexican Soccer Federation was founded on August 23, 1927 by Humberto Garza Ramo. Here is the beginning of a new culture, the soccer culture.

This culture began with the team of Pachuca in 1900, since this one was the first professional team of soccer in Mexico. With this began the first shock of passions when in 1902, the first championship happened between Orizaba Athletic Club, Pachuca A.C. and el Reforma A.C.

But the best thing was when the first Mexican Selection of Soccer was formed in 1923, because Mexican people were leaving the rivalries that they had between the teams, to form a team that would represent Mexico and then this team had his first participation in an international event in 1928 in Amsterdam against Spain.

With this, Mexican soccer began to grow, since they were joining the league, teams like America, Asturias, Atlante, España, Marte and Necaxa, where big figures and big passions went out, returning to the soccer as the most important culture of those times.

Now the Mexican Soccer Federation is constituted by four professional divisions: The First Professional Division, League of Ascent, The Second and Third Division. All the leagues are important, but the most important is the First Professional Division that possesses 18 clubs like: Cruz Azul, Toluca, Chivas, America, Pachuca, Santos, Pumas and others clubs, that are divide in three groups and the League of Ascent, with 17 clubs.

Here at the end of the two tournaments the two best soccer teams, have a match to decide who goes to the first professional division, but right now, the thing that has increased our soccer culture, are the tournaments between Sub-20 and Sub-17, where the young men who take part, might manage to be professional players.

For me, soccer is very important, since I had sacrificed my relationship with my girlfriend, homework, school and family events, to play soccer and maybe I seem rare to you but for me it is a live style, since I love soccer.

When I was playing in middle school at the ITESM, I was one on one against the goalkeeper and then, when I was ready to shoot, the adversary came and pushed me back and as a consequence, when I fell down, my shoulder was obstructed and my body continued in movement. Then my shoulder was broken and in a championship in the city of Chihuahua, the defense put his shoes in my right knee and this hurt my knee, but the adrenaline that I had in those moments was so much, that I got up, without caring that my shoulder was broken or my knee was wrong, I continued playing, until the game ended!

Soccer is considered to be a culture, because soccer was founded by our ancestors and then was passed from generation to generation.

For example: when a child is born and when he or she sees ball, he or she only wants to kick it and when he or she grows, the first thing that they want to do is to play soccer and for me this is true, since I was born in a soccer players family.

“This Culture is not about business, it is about passion.” 


4 Responses to “Soccer Culture”

  1. Kamikaze Says:

    thanks for the info
    Im gonna use this in my project as refrence..
    happy new year btw

  2. Garrett Says:

    This is a great way to exercise.

  3. Sonya Says:

    I really like soccer and i think the facts that you put on this site are really cool.To bad they don’t have soccer in my town.

  4. Jose Says:

    I like soccer i need to talk to people so we can make teams

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