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Mexican Cinema November 20, 2009

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 Mexican cinema started in the age of the Mexican revolution. The videomen took videos of all the battles and latter they converted them into movies.

And the first Mexican cineman was called Antonio Moreno. He made the first movie in all the history of Mexico with  voices and famous artists that was called the Blood of the Revolution.

The best artist in all the Mexican history is called Pedro Infante. He made more than 20 movies and each one is cool. He also was a singer and in all of his movies he sings at least one song.

He is the most claimed artist in all history and he died in his own airplane at the age of 41 in 1957 .

The most famous Mexican old movies are Los 3 Garcia , A toda Maquina , Alla en Rancho Grande , el Fantasma de la Opereta etc.. and all of this movies are of comedian style and some are in black and white .

In many movies the artists sing too and make dangerous scenes by themselves.

Also one of the best Mexican actors is called “Cantinflas” and he is the most famous comedian in all Mexican history. He made a lot of movies like “los 3 Garcia,” el Bobero , etc. He died in a car accident at the age of 39 and he left the Mexican people the best comedian movies in all time.

That’s all for old Mexican cinema! Hope you enjoy!


2 Responses to “Mexican Cinema”

  1. avery Says:

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  2. Javier Says:

    My mom and my grandma watch those all the time

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