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Irapuato October 2, 2009

Here you will find information about Irapuato, Guanajuato, located in the area of Mexico commonly known as the Bajio.


You can go to Irapuato and know a wonderful town situated between the cities of Leon and Celaya in the beautiful state of Guanajuato. This city seems not to have many places to go, but there are many  beautiful places to go, one of the things that distinguish Irapuato from their typical places to colonial monuments. The city has several sites such as square, churches and museums.


Its classic park is located in downtown Irapuato can enjoy the tranquility of the area, that characterizes this beautiful area of the state of Guanajuato, a few yards further is the dining area where you can eat delicious tacos.    

*By KrustyIvan* 

Downtown Downtown

“Irapuato is famous because it has the best strawberries in Guanajuato. The city is the second-largest in the state with a population of 342,561” 

In the 16th century, vasts amounts of silver ore were discovered at the present day site of the capital city of Guanajuato. This discovery led to a massive migration of Spanish settlers to the area. If you want to have fun, you can go to downtown.

The main garden is full of flowers. There you will find a beautiful church nad some fast food restaurants. The fruits and flowers of Irapuato’s luxurious gardens are well known throughout Mexico.

  • One attraction is the Fountain of Dancing Water. It stands in the central plaza of Irapuato. Every night there is a light, music and water show. The fountain is lit up in a rainbow of colors, and the jets provide a choreographed show accompanied by music.
Fountain Fountain
  • Miguel Hidalgo Square. A large public square in the historical center of Irapuato. The square contains the Fountain of Dancing Water as well as the Irapuato Cathedral (baroque style). The square is named after Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the father of the Mexican Independence movement.
  • Sun Clock. The clock is elevated on a pedestal and column.

You will enjoy this with your family or friends. You can walk, buy things, eat ice cream and fruit, take pictures, etc. Irapuato is the right place to see something different because it has a lot of cultural influences.

*By brenrv1*

Interesting Facts

  • In 2005 Irapuato had 520 000 people
  • Irapuato is part of a zone call the Bajío
  • In Irapuato you can found a lot of strawberries (fresas)
  • Irapuato had an important agricultural production
  • A person from Irapuato is called: Irapuatense or fresero
  • It’s in the south central region of the state of Guanajuato.
  • The city is the second-largest in the state, only behind León
  • Founded by Vasco de Quiroga in 1547
  • In the pre-Hispanic era, the site was inhabited by the Chichimecas, a group of semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers.
  • Irapuato has a nick name: The city of the strawberries.

View of the Irapuato


*By fcommg*

Cultural Information

Irapuato has many things that you can do, but the most beautiful and important things that I recommended are the cultural ones. In Irapuato there are many cultural events that you can see in the center of the city. These events are organized by the cultural house that is a institution that serves to organize all cultural things in the city. Also in the cultural house you can take courses of guitar, piano, violin, poetry, picture and many things that are without cost, thanks to the government of the city that provides the money to many people have culture.

in side inside

It is a place located in downtown. It was opened in 1974. It is made of stones and is the manager of all the cultural events. You can go in, it doesn’t matter your age, and you can go wherever you want, so you can find so many activities so you can have a fun time. Here is the best place where you can find about the thing we used to do and how our city advances through the years.

The mission is to promote, to encourage and to stimulate the education and the formative activities to increase the quality in art and culture. Also to preserve and to enrich our culture and to foment the identity as Irapuatenses.

The vision is to educate women and men creative, frees and capable to have a good time and find in their self’s the beauty.

The principal objective is to create a educative program to rescue and let that the people know the history, identity and cultural values of the habitants. All these with the formation of workshops, cultural events, expositions and representative groups.

In the house of culture are common see events like this:

  • Expositions
  • Premier of a movie
  • Show in night

Also the museum has events:


  • Exposition of independence objects
  • Walking in the night at the center of the city

*By Sectalaus and Auris*



Old Irapuato Old Irapuato

Irapuato has an ever increasing its population and urban sprawl from governments who were born since the advent of Lázaro Cárdenas lazaro-cardenas[1]that since 1921, starts rebuilding the nation as such, starting from the application even though slow, the Agrarian Reform in the largest farms, as required, giving way to the creation of small property. That circumstance led to the birth and existence of two lines of information behavior and initial radio, the first through XEBO station, the second, XEWE In 1921. and after that Several hotels operated, and, in the city, offering its services to the long list of passengers, mainly businessmen, passed by the city or the center of his activities were in the area. The principal was Rioja, the Union Hotel and the Colonial World.


There were three funeral homes in the city, the first was the funeral Quintero, opened the funeral home immediately and later Zapiain Agency Inhumaciones run by its owners Rodriguez Vicente Rodriguez and his wife, Doña Teol.

Three petrol services existed in the downtown, each with a single, small manual pump;gasolinera_antigua_295[1] quarter more formal, was installed at the exit for the city of Silao, on Guerrero Street and its northern boundary, she was attended by her owner Don Liborio Alcorta. Likewise. The fifth was opened at the streets of Álvaro Obregón. Later Dr. Ricardo Ramirez Centeno opened another. Thus, Irapuato has continued to make their own way, with rises or falls.


The climate is semi-warm – humid. The average annual temperature varies between 18 ° and 20 ° C. The month of maximum rainfall is August. The highest temperature recorded in May and the lowest in January with an average of 15 ° to 16 ° C. which makes us the best climate in the country.

*By Pam92*

Interesting Facts


  Irapuato word comes from the Tarascan language and means “mountain that emerges from the great plains”

In Irapuato there is a statue of Vasco de Quiroga, who was an important man in the Colony times. He helped a lot of the natives of that place who were being punished.            

*By cesmo53*


Irapuato has a soccer team called the Trinca, and in my opinion, it´s the best team in Mexico!


Irapuato is 1st place in the tourament!


It´s the best  team ever because it never loses and always wins and we are going to pass to the 1st Soccer Division In Mexico!


*By Mickey1993*


5 Responses to “Irapuato”

  1. deanna Says:

    how awsome and coollll

  2. silvia Dominguez Says:

    Silvia DOminguez. Hace muchos anos que deje mi Irapuato querido pero despues de tantos anos nunca se me olvidara lo que vivi alli. Extrano a muchas personas en especial a mi Pascual. Adios mi corazon

  3. christian castillo Says:

    irapuato me parese una ciudad muy romantica y muy tranquila. yo e vivido en new york y irapuato tiene muy bien ambiente tambien.

  4. A'tif Gamal Says:

    I am in Denver, Colorado, USA, and I am on the internet looking at things about Irapuato, Mexico, and I am liking all that I am seeing. I would like to meet my wife from this area, as my friend, and neighbor, Candelario, has told and shown me that they are there, just waiting for me to say “I Do!” I have been lookin gat photos of this city and I am liking everything that am seeing. I want to know more about the women of this area.

    • Teresa Hernandez Says:

      I, move to the USA, in 1984. Lieaving, good friend and love ones in Irapuato, good memmories, long lost love, and sad time. I wwnt back 4 year ago and my heart sing one more time., very nice City and beautifull people and beatuifull grils and nice looking boys. My good friend Maria and Jesus (Los pica Piedras) Marcelo de la rondalla, ho my I am getting melancolic. Visita Irapuato, good enterteiment and low and crime.

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