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Hats of Mexico November 19, 2009

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Mexican Hats

In Mexico most of the regional suits have accessories such collars, shoes and hats.

The hats are an important part of the suit. A hat can talk about the social range of a people and how much power they have. The parts of the hats are:

Corona o Copa: the high part of the hat.

Borde o Ala: is the protection of the circumference of the hat that is on the edge.

Banda suave: is the internal part of the hat that has the contact with the head.

Banda del sombrero o Cinturón: this is used to give the form to a hat.

Visera o Ala frontal: is the part of the hat that protects the face and neck from the sun.

Some types of hats are:

Caporal: it is a basic hat with a high copa, it is use by some native people in Mexico.

Charro de Fieltro con Greca: this hat is made with wool and has an accessory with a ribbon made from chamois leather. This hat is used by the charros in their daily outfit and when they ride their horses.

Guerrero/Michoacán: this hat represents the native culture of Michoacán and Guerrero. It has a red ribbon that give a special touch to the hat.

Norte and Sinaloa: These hats are used by the ranchers in the northern part of Mexico like Sinaloa and Monterrey.Tamaulipas, Huasteco: this hat us used in the southern area of Mexico and the characteristics is that is made from palm of trees and the top of the crown is flat.Veracruz: in Veracruz these hats are used. These hats are made in two materials in canvas and in tree palm, the hat has this particular crown.

Tabasco: this hat is similar to the hats of Veracruz but this has a high crown.

Viejitos: these hats are used for the traditional dance called “la danza de los viejitos” that try to represent the good of the old,  the good of the fire and the old year, the people dance with energy and fun and make a contrast of the old people and the energy of young people.