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Mexican Celebrations November 21, 2009

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Mexico is known for having the most fun and outgoing people, people who like to celebrate all the moments they can. It is true, we have parties for many types of events, including:

Independence Day on 15 and 16 September:

This is the most important day in Mexico as we celebrate the independence and be free, therefore we always “cry” we are where we are, with bazaars, festivals, clubs, house meetings, dinners. That day everywhere in Mexico you can find places to have a good time and fun with food, drinks, a lot fo tequila, music and so on.

Dia De Muertos: 2 November

Although this event is very criticizedin several places, because they say it is a mockery of death, it is quite the opposite. We celebrate that our loved ones are in a better place, and if you also say it is not something that you have fear apart it is like Halloween .. We have fun while we celebrate, not always healthy, but it’s fun.

24 and 31 Decemeber

Christmas and New Year! Obviously we have to celebrate! This is a day when family and friends gather to celebrate new experiences, new destinations, and so on.

These are some of the most popular holiday in Mexico, but there are more than 52 900 different parties, but we take into account all the states there, and beliefs of each and the people, entities, etc..
We celebrate the saints, foundations of villages, etc..


3 Responses to “Mexican Celebrations”

  1. Cortney Bova Says:

    Hi, what blog platform is this? Is it working for you or..? I would really like it if you could answer this question! Ciao!

  2. julia Says:

    I think all celebrations are neat. They all have a history behind them.

  3. Pablo Says:

    we also have celebrations like the ones you have. They are very similar.

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