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MEXICAN CANDIES November 18, 2009

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MEXICAN CANDIES All about Tradition and culture

Taste the finest Mexican candy and experience the mouth watering sensation of  “sweet and chili”. This is the unique taste of Mexico’s sweets. It’s a party waiting to happen! And now we will see some kinds of the most popular Mexican candies.

Candy Lollipops

These are hard candy “chili pops” with sweet and spicy flavors in different fruit figures and flavors, like could watermelon, mango, between others. Some examples of candy lollipops are:

*Vero Mango – A lollipop with the figure of a mango, with the flavor of chili and sweet mango.
*Vero Sandia – A watermelon flavored lollipop where you will taste a chilli lollipop.
*Paleta Tama Roca – A lollipop of tamarindo, with a circular figure. The best you can find with the sweet taste of tamarindo. 

Soft & Chewy Candy

These are flavored gummies where you can find a lot of experiences with great flavor and nice texture. Some example of Soft and Chewy candy is:

*Panchos – Flavored gummies with taste of chili and orange. Always the best for the any moment you want but also a little spicy.
*Pica Gomas – Spicy hot combinated with the sweet taste are how this gummies are like.
*Pica Fresa – Strawberry flavored gummies. Always perfect if you don’t want spicy gummies.

Chile Powders

These candies are ideal for complementing fruit and vegetable snacks or as a spicy moment for you. Some examples are:

*Limon 7 – salty and very sour candy. With this candy it’s impossible not to do a funny face.
*Picositos – Chili candy that you can use in your fruit or sometimes in some drinks like could be the Micheladas (beer & tomato juice with chili)
*Baby Lucas – A chili and delicious candy that taste excellent with fruit and even alone taste great.

Peanut Based Candy

*Mazapan (Marzipan): It’s a peanut candy that it’s all made with sugar. It’s great for the whims you may have some days.

These types of candies are just a few of the thousand kinds that Mexico has. If you some day come to Mexico, don’t forget to taste some candies and be sure to take some home where you can still enjoy the Mexican taste. These candies are not expensive and are recognized in the whole world. I hope this information works for you, and I trust some day you will come and taste some traditional Mexican candies.

BY: María SF


22 Responses to “MEXICAN CANDIES”

  1. Brooke Says:

    I would love to try some of those candies. Our candies don’t usually have any spicy ingredients. They’re mostly made of sugar.

  2. Aaron Says:

    After reading about the few candies in your country they sound delicious. My favorite candy is mango chile powder! Some of the candies we have in the U.S. are chocolate, bubble gum suckers, laffy taffy, gummy bears. I will be visiting mexico in a few years to buy hundreds of chile powders.

  3. Berkley Says:

    Some of these candies sound really good. Where I live we don’t really have the spicy and chili flavored candies. We have stuff like bubble gum, chocolate bars, Skittles, and fruit flavored suckers.

  4. Hidden Says:

    Yes we have many candies but not like in mexico

  5. Tyler Says:

    This candy looks really yummy! I would love to try some someday.

  6. Gannon Says:

    Those candies sound good. I have never had any spicy candy, the candy i usually eat is sweet. I would like to try some of that candy sometime.

  7. Jose Says:

    Oh My God i am mexican and i love mexican candy it is the bomb. Most of the candy we have here is good but not as good as the ones in mexico like masapan, paletas de chile. Man i wish i could be over there to eat some mexican candy

  8. Javier Says:

    I like mexican candy its really good.

  9. Katrina Says:

    I love mexican candy whenever my family and I go to Mexico I try to get a lot of them.

  10. Jordan Says:

    Does any of this candy ship to different countries?
    I have never seen candy exactly like any in the pictures on this blog in Goodland, KS.

  11. Milan Says:

    I had a question that I was wondering if anyone could answer. What is the “Mazapan”? Are the Mazapan and the dela Rosa the same thing?

  12. Pablo Says:

    I have had a lot of mexican candy but the ones I saw on your website i have never heard of. I sure would like to try them.

  13. Ian Says:

    I’ve noticed that mexican candy tends to have some unusual flavors, lots of salt and many different combinations. I still enjoy it though. I like different, it kind of makes you step back and so-to-speak see (taste) the world!

  14. John Says:

    This mexican candy looks so tasty.

  15. Raymond Says:

    Candys like the chocolate bar’s are good but i wish i can go the mexico and try some of your favorites candy. I really love spicy things like very hot wings those are very good.

  16. Taylor Says:

    I have tried Mexican candy and I think it taste pretty good.

  17. Garrett Says:

    These all make me hungry and look very tasty

  18. Ace Says:

    We have a lot of the same candies except different names

  19. Brittany Says:

    they sell those where i live at a little mexican market!!! I love those candies they are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

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