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Mexican Culture November 24, 2009

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Mexican culture is one of the most beautiful cultures in the world. It is a culture that has a lot of traditions and it is full of beautiful peolple but sometimes these people in my opinion despite it because of their lack of knowledge and they even get ashamed of it.
Mexico has large metropolitanian areas like Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and the city of Puebla. It has rural areas too like in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas and other beautiful towns.

The best thing about Mexico is the spicy food like tacos, chilaquiles, tamales and the famous salsa. In other countries they remember Mexico because of the salsa.

Unfortunately, a lot of teenagers in Mexico are ignorant about Mexican culture and it is very sad because the mayority of them don’t even care about where they came from. They are disinterested about their culture.

Mexican culture is full of traditions like a very popular one is when we use the piñatas in the parties and when we eat tacos with salsa.
The history in Mexico is very rich and had left us a patrimony
In Mexico every person is different because of the cultures around the world. In the north of Mexico people speak different than in the South and in the center of Mexico the accent is different too. All this is because the tradition of each state of Mexico is different.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico. We have one of the biggest passions forsoccer. When the Mayas were in Mexico they used to play a similar game called the ball game. It was like soccer but the net was a very small arrow. When the Spanish colonized us they left a lot of traditions like our Catholic religion and our beautiful language.

I think that all Mexicans should be very proud of Mexican culture. We all should respect it more and try to know more about the history of Mexico and keep its traditions.


2 Responses to “Mexican Culture”

  1. Brook Says:

    I love mexican food, it is so good. People should be proud of their cultures

  2. Katrina Says:

    The mexican culture is so fascinating, I have learned new things about my heritage and I am proud of my culture.

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