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Mexican Cinema November 20, 2009

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 Mexican cinema started in the age of the Mexican revolution. The videomen took videos of all the battles and latter they converted them into movies.

And the first Mexican cineman was called Antonio Moreno. He made the first movie in all the history of Mexico with  voices and famous artists that was called the Blood of the Revolution.

The best artist in all the Mexican history is called Pedro Infante. He made more than 20 movies and each one is cool. He also was a singer and in all of his movies he sings at least one song.

He is the most claimed artist in all history and he died in his own airplane at the age of 41 in 1957 .

The most famous Mexican old movies are Los 3 Garcia , A toda Maquina , Alla en Rancho Grande , el Fantasma de la Opereta etc.. and all of this movies are of comedian style and some are in black and white .

In many movies the artists sing too and make dangerous scenes by themselves.

Also one of the best Mexican actors is called “Cantinflas” and he is the most famous comedian in all Mexican history. He made a lot of movies like “los 3 Garcia,” el Bobero , etc. He died in a car accident at the age of 39 and he left the Mexican people the best comedian movies in all time.

That’s all for old Mexican cinema! Hope you enjoy!


Entertainment in Mexico November 14, 2009

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This is a very big topic because there are a lot of things that you can do for entertainment, and have fun with those things. I will give you some examples: music, sports, TV, concerts, music reviews, Mexican movie reviews, etc.

In Mexico, there are a lot of things that you can do for entertainment. Entertainment is to have fun with the intention of fixing the attention of an audience or its participants. There are different ways to entertain people, but it depends on the taste of each person, and something very important about how to entertain people is the age of the person, because we know that you are not going to entertain an adult, a child or a baby with the same thing. Obviously they have different ways to have fun.

For example:
– An adult likes to see football games, some cultural expositions, to know about what is happening in the world, to read the news paper, etc.
– A child likes to play football instead of watching it on TV, to see animated cartoons, listening to music, saw movies, etc.
– A baby  likes to cry, to play with his toys, to eat, to destroy the things that he takes, etc.

Mexico is one of the biggest stages of entertainment worldwide. Our culture is unique and it is showed every day in shows, performances and exhibitions to which they are invited to participate. In Mexico you will find that all space is used for cultural expression. The number of theaters and auditoriums is remarkable, but you may also find that even in a simple square you can enjoy a show.

But Mexico also receives the best of art and show business. If you visit the biggest cities of Mexico, you can see the concert or recital of some world-renowned artist, or also to met important people in some shows.

After the excitement of witnessing a show, you’ll want to continue the party. That’s why the Mexican people know how to enjoy the nightlife and for that purpose it has hundreds of bars, restaurants and clubs to do so. Furthermore, we like to share these spaces and our joy with those who visit us.

Guanajuato has a lot of shows that are recognized in Latin-American, and also in the entire world, I will tell you some of them:

   -Festival Cervantino
   -Expresión en Corto
   -Festival de Órgano
   -Rally Corona
   -Guanajuato en Globo
   -Muerte en Cartelera
   -Muestra de Cine de Horror

If you are from another country or also if you want to know more about Mexico and its mystery, even if you are from here, you can visit a lot of places where you can see the history of this wonderful republic and all its magnificent cultures.

I will tell you some current places that you have to see if you want to be impressed.

   -Chichen Itzá
   -Rivera Maya

Mexico has a lot of places that are very important and if I put all of them here, I will not have enough room.

Because of this and all the things that make Mexico a magnificent place, you have a lot of things to do for entertainment and I swear you that you will not get bored  at any time.

*Article written by Saul*


Mexican Past Times November 13, 2009

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In México there are many sports but not all are from México because some are from the U.S., Rome, England, etc. For example, soccer is the sport most used in the world. Each country has their team of soccer, and competes with each for the victory’s trophy.

Many people likes soccer but some people don’t like to play it, but enjoy watching the games. Currently, there are many stadiums throughout the entire republic of Mexico, but the most used are from Mexico or Monterrey because these cities are bigger, and there are many people that like soccer.

The boys that represent our country in the games normally are from Mexico. Those men are the best players, for example, there is Memo Ochoa, Giovanni Dos Santos, and Cuauhtémoc Blanco.


When Mexico wins a game, in the principal streets of Mexico, there are many people celebrating the victory of their country. The street of the Independence Angel is the street with most people.

Many people play soccer: children, adolescents and adults.
Soccer is a funny game, but also there are others sports that are good, like American football. This is a very strong sport, probably the strongest sport in the world, because the players, always hit each other. Nonetheless, it is an exciting sport, popular.

Those games in the professional category almost never happen in Mexico, but in the mid category frequently you see them. For example, Technologic De Monterrey has their team, and competes with other teams, but only inside of the Mexican republic.

Another popular sport is  swimming because people likes to watch it and practice it.

The sports fans are always watching games on TV or live, but you can also go to the city where the game is. This is a great way to get to know more places, not only go to see the game.


In Mexico there are many forms of having fun,  like exploring places, walking with the family, and playing a sport. But there are also other forms of entertainment: TV, radio, movies, etc. People now spend more time in their houses seeing TV, a movie, etc.
It is okay that you can relax, watching TV or a movie, but you mustn’t be all the time in front of the TV; you must leave to go somwhere, be with friends, family, etc.

There are many ways to enjoy your time, but what makes it unique is who you spend it with. Remember, we will not live for ever, so we have to know how use our time wisely!

For example, sports are a best option to live with the family, take a stroll through the city, and explore places, etc.

There are many ways to enjoy time. For example,  single people go to bars, cinema, or stay at home, if someone, doesn’t knows how to enjoy time, they are alone, because they don’t have family or friends to spend the day with. If you are accompanied with your family or friends, you will have unforgettable moments.

TV, sport games, cinemas, going to bars, and exploring places  are many ways to enjoy. Only use your imagination to know what to do, find a way to entertain your life!! It’s fun!

*Article written by Andrea*


Mexico: A country full of history, entertainment, beaches and more! November 9, 2009

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Mexico, a country full of natural and cultural wealth, is full of endless activities, as are the cultural, sports and even the food is converted into entertainment because of variety of products.

In Mexico, you can enjoy extreme sports, a day of culture and history, monuments, museums and cities or towns.

Would you like a ride to the past? As this is the right place, Mexico is rich in historical sites, since history is present in every corner of this beautiful country.

You can see ancient pyramids of our biggest civilizations such as: Aztecs, Olmecs, Mayas, Toltec’s and more. But certainly you should never pass through Mexico without having visited the ancient Teotihuacan City, and both pyramids: the Sun and the Moon. Without a doubt, these pyramids are the two most impressive constructions in Mesoamerica. In addition, you can visit the 10 colossal heads of the Olmec and its 80 monuments found in the region of Tabasco.


It also has one of the 7 wonders of the world and major archeological sites in Chichen Itza, founded in the year 525 b.C in the state of Yucatan. It was a ceremonial center of many civilizations which is considered as the heritage of humanity.   

Not only has this ancient civilization left its footprint, but you can also enjoy the buildings from our fist emperor to the porfiriato. An example of this may be the corn exchange of Grandaditas where the famous “Pipila”, Juan Jose de los Reyes Martinez Amaro made his major achievement, putting a big stone on his back, up to the door and set fire to help achieve undertaken Mexico’s Independence.

There is also the castle of Chapultepec, which was enacted in 1883 as headquarters of the military academy and that the September 13, 1847 was the scene of an attack bye the Americans who were confronted bye six cadets.

Or maybe you’ll prefer come to our famous Cervantes Festival, taking its origins thanks to Miguel de Cervantes, who began with student groups from the university of Guanajuato, which began with students groups making street theater, took prominence and in 1972 took its present name Cervantino. The plays are famous in almost all parts of the world and are performed on streets and in squares.

But if you do not like history and would like to relax, you can do and visit our beautiful beaches such as Acapulco, Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta where you can enjoy nightclubs, parks, restaurant, and shopping malls, among many other things. Besides enjoying various water activities like diving, or even of you like fishing is also a good option you can enjoy a high-teach yacht, whether for walking, having a romantic dinner, parties or even stay away a bit of noise and either relax in the middle of the ocean, or maybe in a comfortable-luxurious spa, as the eastern spa or Health Club, among others.

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo 015

If you prefer a little more active activities such as extreme sports, come and visit San Luis Potosi where you can enjoy nature and outdoor visiting their villages, ruins, waterfalls, rivers, caves and more. With a lot of:  fun, sun, action and adventure!

Article written by Sim


Entertainment in México November 4, 2009

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Mexico has everything you could wish about entertainment!  It offers a lot of tourist destinations where you find all kinds of entertainment.

México has many festivals and celebrations, for example the “Festival Cervantino” which is a international festival celebrated every year in October in the city of Guanajuato, Mexico. Also there is the Day of the Dead celebrated on November 2.


If you enjoy adventure you can practice diving; in Cozumel and almost every beach in México, camping, sports extremes. In Barrancas del Cobre, Palenque, Puebla, Veracruz etc you can go kayaking, mountaineering, fishing and surfing.


If you prefer shows and sports events the Mexican stages are perfect for you! You can enjoy: dance, music, opera, performing arts, massive concerts with internationally recognized artists, besides Mexico has been the venue of the Olympics games & twice World Cup Soccer.


If you are more like a party person you must come to México! There are discotheques, pubs and bars where you can find all national and international brands of beer. Also you can dance to the beat of  Mexican and foreign DJs. If you just want to enjoy the Latin rhythms, there are many lounges with live music. In México the parties throughout the year start late. The best places for partying are: Acapulco, Cancún, Cuernavaca, Mexico city, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Ixtapa, Los Cabos, Monterrey, Puebla, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan.


If you like shopping Mexico offers many options: exclusive boutiques, bookstores, markets, jewelry shops and also the most prestigious brands in the world. There are malls, flea markets and bazaars. The best places to shop are in: Cancún, México city, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Monterrey, Pachuca, Puebla, Querétaro, Riviera maya, San Luis potosí, Tepoztlán, Torreón, Toluca and Zacatecas.


Mexico has the best scenery, natural and cultural for all kinds of activities. Come and enjoy the entertainment that makes México unique!