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Tec de Monterrey Campus Irapuato October 15, 2009

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Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Irapuato

The Tec de Monterrey, Campus Irapuato was founded in 1943, by Eugenio Garza Sada and a group of businessmen, which found the civil group: Enseñanza e Investigación Superior A.C

The Tecnológico de Monterrey is a private institution, independent and foreign to politic groups and religious.

The labor of the Tecnológico de Monterrey and all the campus are helped by civil associations, dedicated to the education.

Edificio prepaThis building had 25 classrooms, designated for the different students level. Each class room had a board, projector (to help in the teacher class), chairs and a computer for the class. Each classroom had a limit of 30 students; the building had 2 pairs of bathrooms (boys and girls), and it also had the office for the high school principal, and the generation principals. It had 2 didactic classrooms with T.V. designated for video conferences.

Computer Center: this classroom had 32 Dell computer and 2 Mac’s, and the Computers LabB11 had 30 Dell Computers and a Projector; this classrooms designed for the students. In B11 they can go to take their class, and in the computer center they can go to do work, homework, check email, use Facebook but they can play video games in the computers. The computers have access to broad band internet.

LobbyCECYC: is a building designated for events like monthly announcements, plays, conferences and more. It has grades where students can sit and a very big area that can be used for a lot of things.



CASA: is where students, teachers, parents and all the people can go to ask CASAhelp for questions, problems related with payments, scholarships and all related with  administrative issues.




EstacionamientoParking: is designated for the students, teachers and visitors cars.



Stay Room: in this room students can join to do homework, projects, study,Sala de estudio talk and more. This room has work tables and comfortable chairs for the use of the students. Also it has comfortable sofas that students can use to take a breath and also they can sleep.


HPIM3119Cafeteria: in the cafeteria is where students can have breakfast. In the cafeteria there is a menu with accessible prices. They have fruit, eggs, sandwiches, drinks, chips, soda, candies. There are tables and chairs and a table with sauces and some ingredients for the food.


Esplanade: This is a meeting point,In this place students can make events Explanadaand special activities. It is a big open area where students can meet.



LabLaboratory: here is where students come to take theyr chemistry class, the laboratory had a board and a computer, 6 work tables with water, air and LP gas. The classroom had several instruments to make practices like a smoke chimney, refrigerator and high performance ovens; also here students can found elements and substances to help them to make his practices.

Library: the library is where the students can go to search information, and Libraryto make finding a book more easy there is a online database where you can search the book and then locate it. The library has chairs and tables, where students can do home work or read a book.



SportsSport facilities: the Tec Campus Irapuato had a professional soccer field, a volleyball field, 3 tennis fields. It also has a gym and showers when students after doing exercise can take a shower.


Things to do in Irapuato

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The city of Irapuato is located in the state of Guanajuato and has an area of 786.4 km ². Irapuato is not very big but you can have fun doing a lot of things.


The city of Irapuato has nice places to visit. One of them is the historical downtown, and there are the attractive dancing fountains. A true rainbow that not only is perceived by the sense of sight, unless it is accompanied by sound that is contagious and encourages viewers a real show of light and sound. 

When the sun fired its last rays of the day when the moon and the stars make their appearance in the sky in Irapuato starting out colorful water jets of dancing fountain. fuentedeaguasdanzarinas2120050

 In the downtown you can also visit the cathedral, which is a baroque building, and has a neoclassical style and is one of the examples of religious architecture of Irapuato.


Another important place which you can go is The House of Culture where people can register for workshops of art, and going to see the expositions of paintings, sculptures and more.

Also there you can visit the museum. It is small but has a lot of interesting things, like paintings, and antiques objects.

The museum has weapons room,archaeological room and temporary showroom.


If you like to do sports, a nice place is the coexistence park which has a skating rink, swimming pool, tennis court and green areas. Is located south of the city is a playground featuring zoo and has a lake, green areas for rest and many more attractions for the family.parke

Another place to practice sports but is most private is the Club Santa Margarita, which is located in Villas de Irapuato. The club has a large pool for swimming classes and a gym. It also has a golf course. This is an excellent place for have some time to relax, because this club has a massage area.

And finally other place to practice sports is the north and south sportive where you can find disciplines like Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Martial Arts, Volleyball, Gymnastics and Badminton.


Plaza Cibeles is a good option if you need to buy something like clothes, shoes or fast food. Plaza Cibeles is a big place that has many stores, have a food area, and a big cinema.  In this place you can give a tour, visit all the stores.

 Also there is a big cinema Cinepolis, which has 15 rooms and each of them with air conditioning and comfortable seating.

Just in front of Cibeles you can go to Starbucks and spent a very pleasant moment, drinking a delicious coffee, or eating a delicious cake. In this place you decide if you want to sit outside or inside. 

If you like animals, you can go to the zoo to see all the animals like bears, giraffes, elephants, etc. Has 103 mammals and 271 Birds.

The zoo of Irapuato has a natural ecosystem function, which allows contact of most animals with visitors. jirafa3

And finally if you like going to the clubs, you can go to Barezzito which is like a lounge bar where you can drink, eat and dance, and the kind of music is 90’s music and electro.

Another club is Cocktail where you can also dance, drink and have fun with your friends, but the kind of music in this club is generally electro.

If you like betting money and have fun Bingo Caliente is the best option, it has the best casinos, and you can play and enjoy a good glass of wine while you win money.



Museums, Historical Monuments and Churches

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Catedral de Irapuato

Irapuato is a little city located in the state of Guanajuato. In spite of being a little city it has a lot of culture and historical monuments. For example there are the ” fuentes danzarinas”.  This fountain is located in the downtown of the city, outside a market called “Hidalgo” . Templo del HospitalitoAlso it has a variety of churches and temples. The most well-known are  the Templo de San Francisquito, Santuario de la Soledad, Templo de San José, Parroquia del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, Templo de San Juan Bosco, and el Templo del Hospitalito. It doesn’t have a lot museums, and the only one is small but there you can learn about the history of Irapuato.

We can find a lot of monuments around the city like the Fuente de los delfines called too Fuente Florentina, Monumento a Japón, Monumento a Don Vasco de Quiroga, Busto a Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta, Monumento a la bandera, etc.

Escultura de San Juan BoscoWe also have a “cultural house.” There you can learn a lot of cultural and art activities, also organize events in different season of the year. In these events, people can see what the students had done in their classes.

In the downtown you can find places that have existed since our ancestors to our days, being in use.


Places to go shopping in Irapuato

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Hi there! Here some of the thousand places were you can go shopping in Irapuato. Enjoy them!

Plaza Cibelescibeles

The biggest mall in Irapuato. In it, there are some well-known stores to go shopping such as Marti, C&A, El Globo, Maskota, Radioshack etc… Besides clothes, electronics and pets, you can also find departmental stores such as Liverpool, and of course, there’s a Food Court, which has some of the best fast food chains, such as Burger King and Dominos Pizza.


Plaza del ComercioGetAttachment

This plaza is one of the oldest shopping spots in Irapuato, but it doesn’t have modern stores and fancy clothing. Instead here you’ll find all sort of handmade crafts, toys and clothes. Merchandise will change according to the date. If there’s an important upcoming event, you’ll find things regarding it, like Christmas, Halloween among other important dates.

Casa de las Fresascasa

Irapuato is quite famous for the production of strawberries. This store offers you the best you can find around, and while you eat some delicious strawberries with cream you can look around the store a lot of artisanal objects, such as home made jam, dehydrated fruits and some toys.


If your looking for something simple and cheap this is a very popular store all around Mexico. This store sells very cheap things in the city like fake things, videogames, clothes, toys and other things for a very cheap price.

Plaza muranomurano2

The newest plaza in Irapuato. It has a very nice restaurant called Argentilia and there`s going to be a lot of big stores to buy clothes, electronic things, banks and more things. murano1

See you in the next article! 🙂



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 Irapuato is a city located in the south central region of the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. It’s famous for its delicious strawberries.

Irapuato has a lot of cultural activities, but the most important is the big variety of restaurants.

Plaza Cibeles Mall. This is the newest and largest mall in the city of Irapuato. The mall contains many restaurants. For example:

Barezzito: This is a Bar-restaurant where you can listen to live music or a DJ. It’s famous for its big variety of drinks.



Hippos Café Bar: You can find snacks, salads and cakes. It has big screens for special events. Also, the decoration of the place is very creative.



Frascati: Italian food. They have good service and comfortable furniture.



Sushi Tai: Japanese food. If you want food for another country, this is the right place to taste something different.



Gorditas Doña Tota: Mexican food. The restaurant has a bar, where the customers sit in front and they can see all the stews. The gorditas are filled with other ingredients and they are served at the same time.

Tortas Pantoja: On Thursday they have a promotion: 2×1 sandwiches. They are really soft, hygienic and their sauce is good. The mall has a lot of fast food restaurants. It’s a place where you can find fast food so you can go to other entertaining places.



Other restaurants are located throughout Irapuato. For example:

Cocodrilos: This place is located in “Las Plazas”. It’s a restaurant with international food and delicious appetizers.

 Hacienda de Torres: International food. They have buffet for every meal and an area with games. You can celebrate an event with good prices. They have a special kid’s area, with games. And also if you want, you can have a party there, they have a special room in the second floor or you can chose stay inside or outside.

Hacienda de Torres

Hacienda de Torres

El Rincón Gaucho: It’s famous for its meat cuts and roast meat. Also, they have elegant beverages. It’s expensive but is high quality.

Rincon Gaucho

Rincon Gaucho

Lupillos: It’s known for the good service. It’s a restaurant where you can eat and choose a lot of pizza varieties. They have home delivery, they are not expensive and they have promotions on Tuesday. Their pizzas have less dough and more cheese. And they have many establishments.

Tacos “El Pingüino”: It’s the best place in Irapuato where you can eat tacos. The salsas are delicious. It’s cheaper than other places. Even though there is a big variety of soda, they have a really good water of horchata. And it is not expensive, that’s one of the reasons why that restaurant is very successful.

Tacos Furber: They have a different type of tacos because the tacos are made with flour and they have chimichurri sauce. Also in special events they have mariachi.

El Portón: It’s in a strategic place. It’s a good place where you can eat with your family because it has a kids menu, good entries, soups and packages for every meal that are cheap.

Irapuato is a beautiful place to go when you want to have fun. The big variety of restaurants and their good service is something that you can enjoy and you can remember all the special moments.


 Comprehension questions:

Why is Irapuato so important and recognized?

Where is the city of Irapuato?

Where you can find fast food restaurants?

What are the names of the places where you can eat tacos?

Does Irapuato have international restaurants?


Interesting Facts about Irapuato October 9, 2009

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Irapuato is located in the southern region of the state of Guanajuato and is the second largest city in the state, with a population of 342,561. It is famous for it´s nice weather and great growing conditions for strawberries!