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Mexican Music November 19, 2009

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Mexico has a great variety of music.

Every state and every region of Mexico make up a complete and original musical culture. Fads have come and gone, but what is good remains.  

For example, if you go to Mexico City as a tourist, you may have gone to Garibaldi Plaza to listen to the mariachi singers.

Obviously Mariachi music is one of the most popular in Mexico and one of the most representative of Latin music. Many of the most famous and traditional songs from Mexico are known throughout the world. “Cielito Lindo, “La Bamba”, “Solamente Una Vez” or “Besame Mucho” are some of the clearest examples.


In the musical culture, Mexico is influenced by the United States but also has a strong influence of the Latin side. Rhythms like salsa, merengue, and cumbia are common to listen to. Also on the northern part of the country we have corridos, norteno, grupero, and ranchera styles.

Also there is the pop, rock and commercial side.

During the past three decades, music in Mexico has had important developments in regard to classical music as the leading edge and a strong presence in the popular music and rock.

 Now the most representative artists of Mexico are: Alejandro Fernandez, Thalia, Paulina Rubio, Luis Miguel, Alaska, Timbiriche, Alejandra Guzman, Alex Sintek, Belanova, Moderatto, Belinda, Mana, Kalimba, Alexander Acha, Sin Bandera, Gloria Trevi, etc.

Mexico has a great diversity of music accompanied with dances and costumes typical of each style.


Mexcian Music November 14, 2009

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Mexico like all the world is a globalized country and music is Mexico has been globalized. Because of this, in Mexico you can hear a lot kind of music, from jazz to heavy metal; this is the beautiful thing about the country. 

But what is the favorite music in Mexico? Well, we can´t define a specific genre of music, but we can mention some, like rock and all its derivatives like alternative, rock ´n roll and heavy rock. Rock is one of the most popular genres of music in Mexico. There are Mexican groups who represent this genre like Mana, a carry off band in all the world, with its famous songs like El muelle de San Blas, Clavado en un Bar, Manda una señal, Labios compartidos and more. The guys of Mana have the most recognized group in the world.

  Also there are other famous bands like Caifanes, Zoe, ELefante,  and Café Tacuba. In México there is music from Spain that is very famous like Ricardo Arjona, Alejandro Zanz, David Bisbal, Enrique Iglesias.

But if we are talking about good music we have to talk about English music bands, including all types of music, like Green Day with its success songs such as American Idiot, Wake me up when September Ends, The boulevard of the Broken Dreams, Holiday, and the newest, 21 Guns.

We need to mention the legends in the international music, like Cold Play, with Clocks or the Scientist, U2 with Vertigo, The Rolling stones with Gimme Shelter, White Horses and Paint it Black, Queen with  Bohemian Rapsody; The Doorswith Roadhouse Blues, Nirvana with Lithium and of course the Beattles with songs like Yesterday, Let it Be, Imagine and others.

The pop is a word that derived from the word “popular.” Pop means shorthand for popular.  In our country pop is othe of the genres preferred by the population. In this case we need to make  special mention of Britney Spears, Maddona, Justin Timberlake, who have won their high place in the likes of the Mexican people.

 In my particular point of view, the electronic music is one of the best due to its mixture of sounds, compasses and tints, mixing the computers, technology, percussions, guitar and all that you con imagine. However, for creating this kind of music you need to know a lot about this music and the sound. That’s why the best DJs in the world are those who think their mind sounds and then have the ability to create them, mix them, create them and more complicated, so that people like it.

  Although this music is not very commercial, you can hear in bars, in discos, in raves or in concerts, but a lot of times people don´t know who is the author of this music. People like Dj Tiesto, Dj Armin Van Buuren, Dj Paul Van Dyck, Dj Sasha, Dj Ferry Corsten are the best in the world now. Also we can mention the Dj more commercial like, David Guetta or David Tavare.  This kind of music is not so recognized in the Mexico, but around the world it is.   

*Written by David*


Mariachis November 6, 2009

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mariachi clipart

The word “mariachi” comes from the French word marriage.  Mariachis are used  in some parties but mainly they are used in marriages and weddings.

Mariachis are descendants of some Mexican tribes; they belonged to the Cocula zone in the Jalisco state. This tribe arrived to Cocula in the century XVI. The “coca” people were people with music skills.


Mariachis or bands, in the beginning only had stringed instruments.

Mariachis groups are a musical set typical of Mexico. The mariachis groups are a symbol of the Mexican culture; because they are known in the entire World.

There are a lot of famous song authors that had written many songs for the mariachis groups, like Ruben Fuentes, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Tomas Mendez and Manuel Esperón.

A mariachi group is made up of 7 or 12 musicians; it doesn’t have a limit of the people who can play in the group. The instruments that they used to play are the guitar, guitarron, violin, vihuela, trumpet, flute and sometimes a harp. Some mariachis bands that are in the United States also use an accordion.


The mariachis bands not only play original music from Jalisco, now they also play different styles of music like ballad, “rancheras”, corridos, Mexican waltz, they can play a lot of traditional music of Mexico.

The first sets of mariachis were dressed with Mexican costumes of the states of Colima, Nayarit and Jalisco.  The costume was made with a cotton blanket and with a hat made of straw. But in the beginning of the century XX, the mariachis bands started to use new costumes in their presentations. The new costume is what we know now as a “charro suit” or “traje de charro”. This costume is black or sometimes it can be also white and it has ornaments of different colours. They still use a hat and the color of the hat depends of the suit that they use.

Mariachi Tapatio Jose Marmolejo

The mariachis used to appear in the Mexican movies, which help them to be more famous in the entire world.  The first mariachis women appeared in the middle of the century XX in Mexico City.

In the capital of the country, there is a famous place in the downtown called “ Plaza Garibaldi”, in that place you can find a lot of groups of mariachis playing there.

So if you want to visit Mexico you need to go to that places like plaza Garibaldi, because you can see the real traditions that we have here in Mexico.

tour-nocturno-ciudad-de-mexico Plaza Garibaldi.