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Independence Day in Mexico November 19, 2009

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This is one of the most important and celebrated days of the year in Mexico. Nobody go to school or work on September 15th. The people decorate houses, shops, schools with the colors of the Mexican flag; green, white and red, with paper, figures of Miguel Hidalgo, the Mexican eagle, etc. Many people in the street sell hats, flags or things related with Mexico, and also sell food out of their homes or in the downtown. Some foods they sell are traditional foods like tamales, pozole, tacos, including the amazing Mexican salsa and drinks like ponche that is make of a variety of fruits. This day celebrates the liberty of Mexico from Spain, finishing with the slavery and looking for equality.

You can hear the typical Mexican music, like mariachis where they play a lot of different instruments, principally the guitar.

Dances with Mexican dress: People dress up in traditional Mexican dress. Men are seen as Charros and women as China Poblana, or wearing indigenous dresses, dancing the traditional music in events. The cars are also decorated.

At 11 p.m, a government official arrives in the Zocalo (usually the president of the town). The president gives the grito (shout) of Independence, saying: Viva Mexico!! This is what was said by Miguel Hidalgo in 1910. The president rings the bell and all the people in the square repeat what he says: Viva Mexico!!

In every downtown of Mexico there are fireworks and light decorations. But the principal place that takes this event is in the Zocalo, main plaza, in Mexico City.  This is where the great September 16th celebrations take place. People of all ages come to this party, from children to old people.

A little bit of Mexican History…

This happened after conquer of Spain in 1521 by Hernan Cortés, having Mexico European population who exploited the resources of the country manipulating the indigenous nations (Aztecs). They called Mexico Nueva España.

Mexico had many years of manipulation from Europeans, until Miguel Hidalgo, who was a criollo (born in Mexico from Spanish parents) fought with a big group of people against the Spanish government with many heroes along the history until the total independence of Mexico.

Every year, I celebrate this day with my family, going to eat tacos or go with my friends to have fun in the downtown, where we go to play, eat and buy Mexican things. And, at the night we see the fireworks and people dancing, drinking, etc.


Mexican Folklore

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In Mexico like in some other cultures we have created our own type of dance. It is very unique and most of the people in the world like it.

In my personal opinion I think that if you live in Mexico and you have no idea about how to dance folklore or anything about diferent the customs, you have no idea about what your country is.
It is considered one cultural icon and the basic artistic expressions here in the country.

Here in Mexico the story tells that the dance existed already when the Spainiards came so they decided to take our dance but they mixed it with the Catholic religion and it creates this beautiful dance, best known as, Mexican Folklore. They took how they dance according to the power they had..

We can say that the customs also take the origin here because the “codices” (presidents or the biggest power in the country) tried to be seen as much as they can and when the people from Spain came learned about this and decided to taked, because they wear clothes according to the power they have.

As I already mentioned we have a lot of different type of dances and custumes according with the region or place you are. The most popular are “La Danza de los Viejitos” that came from the state of Michoacán.

Then we have the dance of our “jarochos” since this is the way we call people from Veracruz state.
Finally the one that represents us all and as I know the one that we imagine when other people said Mexican Folklore is “jarabe tapatio” from Guadalajara.

Our Folklore is really beautiful, and you have to learn more about … visit our country!



MEXICAN CANDIES November 18, 2009

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MEXICAN CANDIES All about Tradition and culture

Taste the finest Mexican candy and experience the mouth watering sensation of  “sweet and chili”. This is the unique taste of Mexico’s sweets. It’s a party waiting to happen! And now we will see some kinds of the most popular Mexican candies.

Candy Lollipops

These are hard candy “chili pops” with sweet and spicy flavors in different fruit figures and flavors, like could watermelon, mango, between others. Some examples of candy lollipops are:

*Vero Mango – A lollipop with the figure of a mango, with the flavor of chili and sweet mango.
*Vero Sandia – A watermelon flavored lollipop where you will taste a chilli lollipop.
*Paleta Tama Roca – A lollipop of tamarindo, with a circular figure. The best you can find with the sweet taste of tamarindo. 

Soft & Chewy Candy

These are flavored gummies where you can find a lot of experiences with great flavor and nice texture. Some example of Soft and Chewy candy is:

*Panchos – Flavored gummies with taste of chili and orange. Always the best for the any moment you want but also a little spicy.
*Pica Gomas – Spicy hot combinated with the sweet taste are how this gummies are like.
*Pica Fresa – Strawberry flavored gummies. Always perfect if you don’t want spicy gummies.

Chile Powders

These candies are ideal for complementing fruit and vegetable snacks or as a spicy moment for you. Some examples are:

*Limon 7 – salty and very sour candy. With this candy it’s impossible not to do a funny face.
*Picositos – Chili candy that you can use in your fruit or sometimes in some drinks like could be the Micheladas (beer & tomato juice with chili)
*Baby Lucas – A chili and delicious candy that taste excellent with fruit and even alone taste great.

Peanut Based Candy

*Mazapan (Marzipan): It’s a peanut candy that it’s all made with sugar. It’s great for the whims you may have some days.

These types of candies are just a few of the thousand kinds that Mexico has. If you some day come to Mexico, don’t forget to taste some candies and be sure to take some home where you can still enjoy the Mexican taste. These candies are not expensive and are recognized in the whole world. I hope this information works for you, and I trust some day you will come and taste some traditional Mexican candies.

BY: María SF



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In Mexico we have a nice tradition. When we have a party, we eat cake, eat candies, eat some traditional Mexican food, but we also do a thing that is an ancient tradition here in Mexico: we break a “piñata” in almost all the birthdays and in some holidays.

There are a lot of different types of piñatas but the traditional piñata has a meaning. The meaning is that the traditional piñata that has 7 peaks, and these peaks represent the 7 cardinal sins, and when you break the piñata it is said that you have destroyed the devil.

When you’re breaking the piñata you need to put a handkerchief over your eyes so you can’t see where the piñata is and you need to try to hit it without seeing. Also when you’re trying to hit the piñata the people sing you a song.

In a birthday party people give only candies and little gifts, but when it is time for “Posadas” (Christmas Holidays) people put some candies and fruits, like orange, peanuts, jicama, and sugar canes inside the piñata.

It’s easy to make a piñata, you may need:

  • Tissue paper
  • Newspaper
  • Wheatpaste
  • Scissors
  • Balloons
  • Candies or fruits
  • Imagination


But if you don’t have time to do it, you can go to a candy shop or to a market (“mercadito”) and buy a piñata, and then you fill your piñata with candies or fruits.

When children break a piñata, they are happy because inside the piñata are candies and it looks like a candy rain.


When I was a little child my parents gave me a beautiful piñata. The piñata was so beautiful that I didn’t want to break it. A lot of children were waiting for the candies that the piñata had, so my parents talked with me and they convinced me to break the piñata. Then I felt sad, because my piñata was destroyed, but then I felt good because I had a lot of candies.

By: Ulises :]


Mexican Food

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In Mexico our food is vary famous and delicious because 0f its variety of flavors, colorful decoration, variety of ingredients and its spicy qualities!

The principal’s ingredients in Mexico are:
1.-Cereals, the most important is the corn they use to make tortillas.
2.-Vegetables like the quintoniles, verdolagas, aguacate etc.
3.-Legumbres like beans that are the principal food in this country.
4.-Chocolate and cheese are very important too.

I think that everybody knows what is a taco right? Well if you don’t know let me explain to you.  It is a tortilla with meat and some type of salsa. Other foods with tortillas are: enchiladas and quesadillas.
Mexico is divided into six regions because of their cuisine. The first is known as its natural sweetness instead of spiciness. In contrast Oaxaca is known for tamales and a great variety of moles, (a type of spicy chocolate sauce) while in the Jalisco the typical food is the birria.

The center of Mexico the pozole, carnitas, barbacoa and menudo are typical. The  Southeast is known for its spicy and chicken-based dishes and the seafood is very common in the states of Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

In a few traditions of the country the food is simlar or mixed. For example on the “Day of the Dead” there is a traditional bread called “Pan de Muerto” and also on “El día de Reyes” people eat eat a “Rosca de Reyes”  with some hot chocolate.

The most famous dishes in Mexico are: pozole, tamales, corundas, menudo, tacos, enchiladas, chiles en nogada, romeritos, nachos, carnitas  and guacamole.


Mexican Traditions November 17, 2009

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Mexican Traditions

 Day of Magic Kings

 This is a tradition that has been celebrated for many years in Mexico and is celebrated across the country. Children of Mexico write the kings a letter asking for toys. The letter is left inside a shoe the night of January 5th.

That night the Mexican families are accustomed to eating a delicious bagel and hot chocolate.

That day in some cities of the country like Irapuato the people organize a ride with music and lights where children are thrilled waiting for magic kings!

 Day of La Candelaria

It is celebrated on February 2nd.

It is a religious tradition where people are accustomed to wake up the child Jesus, after Christmas.  This day the people eat tamales made of chili and sugar and atole.


 This week represents when Jesus died for us. It begins on Palm Sunday. After that, a service is held on Holy Thursday. Later a service is held on Holy Friday and the church is open all day.

And it ends on Resurrection Sunday and is the biggest festival of the church.

Independence Day

On September 15  the Independence Day of Mexico is celebrated.

 The president of each city in Mexico goes out to the balcony to give the cry of independence to remind us that we are a free and sovereign country.

Day of the Dead

 This day is celebrated on November 2 to commemorate the dead. People put an altar with objects and food that the deceased like.

Also people eat bread of dead and ‘’alfeñiques’,’ which are sugar figures in the form of food, skulls, etc.

Christmas Day.

Is celebrated on December 24th.

This day marks the day that Jesus was born. People would celebrate by making a delicious dinner such as turkey.

And in some families they do gift exchanges. Besides that it is customary to put a Christmas tree in the house.

By Maureen


Posadas: A Holiday Tradition November 16, 2009

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“Las Posadas” are traditional parties that we to do here in Mexico. These celebrations are done from the 16th to the 24th of December. They are to commemorate when Maria and Jose were looking for a place to sleep, so they could wait until the birth of Jesus. On the other hand, it is also to commemorate the 9 months that Maria was pregnant.

maria y jose

In Mexico a group of people organized themselves and did posadas in nine different houses. The people that are most interested in these celebrations are dressed like Maria or Jose, and sometimes they get a donkey. But this is not necessary.


To start everything the people have candles or sparklers and they sing Christmas Carol. The people that are outside sing the first part and the people that are inside the house answer with other part. This is a fragment of the song.


En nombre del cielo

Os pido posada

Pues no puede andar

Mi esposa amada


Aquí no es mesón

Sigan adelante

Yo no puedo abrir

No sea algún tunante


No seas inhumano

Tennos caridad

Que el Rey de los cielos

Te lo premiará


Ya se pueden ir

Y no molestar

porque si me enfado

Os voy a apalear


Venimos rendidos

Desde Nazaret

Yo soy carpinteroluces-de-vengala-d--large-msg-119863854633


De nombre José


No me importa el nombre

Déjenme dormir

Porque ya les digo

Que no hemos de abrir

And when finally everyone is inside of the hoUse, they pray the Rosary. Then they eat atole, tamales and punch. Later they break the Piñata that is made of 7 peaks, because of the 7 cardinal sins and they have fruits, like oranges, tejocote, nuts, candies of colacion, etc. But actually some people don’t make piñatas. Instead they just give candies to the kids.


And to finish they give “Aguinaldo”, that could be money or a bag with candies and fruit.