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Piñatas! November 18, 2009

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In Mexico we have a nice tradition. When we have a party, we eat cake, eat candies, eat some traditional Mexican food, but we also do a thing that is an ancient tradition here in Mexico: we break a “piñata” in almost all the birthdays and in some holidays.

There are a lot of different types of piñatas but the traditional piñata has a meaning. The meaning is that the traditional piñata that has 7 peaks, and these peaks represent the 7 cardinal sins, and when you break the piñata it is said that you have destroyed the devil.

When you’re breaking the piñata you need to put a handkerchief over your eyes so you can’t see where the piñata is and you need to try to hit it without seeing. Also when you’re trying to hit the piñata the people sing you a song.

In a birthday party people give only candies and little gifts, but when it is time for “Posadas” (Christmas Holidays) people put some candies and fruits, like orange, peanuts, jicama, and sugar canes inside the piñata.

It’s easy to make a piñata, you may need:

  • Tissue paper
  • Newspaper
  • Wheatpaste
  • Scissors
  • Balloons
  • Candies or fruits
  • Imagination


But if you don’t have time to do it, you can go to a candy shop or to a market (“mercadito”) and buy a piñata, and then you fill your piñata with candies or fruits.

When children break a piñata, they are happy because inside the piñata are candies and it looks like a candy rain.


When I was a little child my parents gave me a beautiful piñata. The piñata was so beautiful that I didn’t want to break it. A lot of children were waiting for the candies that the piñata had, so my parents talked with me and they convinced me to break the piñata. Then I felt sad, because my piñata was destroyed, but then I felt good because I had a lot of candies.

By: Ulises :]


6 Responses to “Piñatas!”

  1. Breanna Says:

    Most of us don’t have piñatas at our birthday parities. When we were younger we might have had them with all of our friends. I never knew that people put fruit in them. Doesn’t it break when it hits the ground? We had to make a traditional piñata when we were in grade school. That was fun. There was one time I had a piñata with my family and they all laughed at me because I couldn’t hit it.

  2. ulises1393 Says:

    Well, here in México we only put the fruit when is a “Posada”, We rarely use it in a birthday party, sometimes the fruit breaks and I think that’s the bad thing to put fruit in the piñatas. :C

    Oh! When I was in grade school, I also made a piñata, but It was a bee piñata, not a traditional piñata (The piñata of 7 peaks), but my piñata was too small that I couldn’t fill it with candies.

    Greetings. :]

  3. Taylor Says:

    I think that its really cool how you can put fruits in your piñata’s. Although when the piñata breaks wouldn’t the fruit bruise or something? Also what types of fruits would you put into it? I would really like to carry on some of your traditions because I think there really cool! Maybe someday I will try the fruit to put in a piñata, as long as I know what type of fruit to put in it. Also do you think you could add toys or something of that sort into the piñata?

    • sher8000 Says:

      The fruit does bruise sometimes, but its usually oranges or things like that, so if you eat it right away, its okay! You could probably add small toys as well in a piñata and it would work fine too!

  4. Little Ms. GG Says:


    What a wonderful blog! I just found it when I googled piñatas. Thank you for writing about our culture!

    Espero que usted y su familia tengan una exceletente Navidad!
    Gracias por escribir acerca de nuestra cultura.

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