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Mexican Food November 18, 2009

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In Mexico our food is vary famous and delicious because 0f its variety of flavors, colorful decoration, variety of ingredients and its spicy qualities!

The principal’s ingredients in Mexico are:
1.-Cereals, the most important is the corn they use to make tortillas.
2.-Vegetables like the quintoniles, verdolagas, aguacate etc.
3.-Legumbres like beans that are the principal food in this country.
4.-Chocolate and cheese are very important too.

I think that everybody knows what is a taco right? Well if you don’t know let me explain to you.  It is a tortilla with meat and some type of salsa. Other foods with tortillas are: enchiladas and quesadillas.
Mexico is divided into six regions because of their cuisine. The first is known as its natural sweetness instead of spiciness. In contrast Oaxaca is known for tamales and a great variety of moles, (a type of spicy chocolate sauce) while in the Jalisco the typical food is the birria.

The center of Mexico the pozole, carnitas, barbacoa and menudo are typical. The  Southeast is known for its spicy and chicken-based dishes and the seafood is very common in the states of Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

In a few traditions of the country the food is simlar or mixed. For example on the “Day of the Dead” there is a traditional bread called “Pan de Muerto” and also on “El día de Reyes” people eat eat a “Rosca de Reyes”  with some hot chocolate.

The most famous dishes in Mexico are: pozole, tamales, corundas, menudo, tacos, enchiladas, chiles en nogada, romeritos, nachos, carnitas  and guacamole.


2 Responses to “Mexican Food”

  1. stephanie Says:

    I am a kind of a girl that really likes mexican food. And mexican food tastes better when a mexican fixes it no afence. Nice article about mexican food. And nice pictures, just looking at the pictures makes me hungry because they look really yummy.

  2. Michelina Says:

    Mexican food is really good especially
    when its authentic.

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