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Mexican Traditions November 17, 2009

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Mexican Traditions

 Day of Magic Kings

 This is a tradition that has been celebrated for many years in Mexico and is celebrated across the country. Children of Mexico write the kings a letter asking for toys. The letter is left inside a shoe the night of January 5th.

That night the Mexican families are accustomed to eating a delicious bagel and hot chocolate.

That day in some cities of the country like Irapuato the people organize a ride with music and lights where children are thrilled waiting for magic kings!

 Day of La Candelaria

It is celebrated on February 2nd.

It is a religious tradition where people are accustomed to wake up the child Jesus, after Christmas.  This day the people eat tamales made of chili and sugar and atole.


 This week represents when Jesus died for us. It begins on Palm Sunday. After that, a service is held on Holy Thursday. Later a service is held on Holy Friday and the church is open all day.

And it ends on Resurrection Sunday and is the biggest festival of the church.

Independence Day

On September 15  the Independence Day of Mexico is celebrated.

 The president of each city in Mexico goes out to the balcony to give the cry of independence to remind us that we are a free and sovereign country.

Day of the Dead

 This day is celebrated on November 2 to commemorate the dead. People put an altar with objects and food that the deceased like.

Also people eat bread of dead and ‘’alfeñiques’,’ which are sugar figures in the form of food, skulls, etc.

Christmas Day.

Is celebrated on December 24th.

This day marks the day that Jesus was born. People would celebrate by making a delicious dinner such as turkey.

And in some families they do gift exchanges. Besides that it is customary to put a Christmas tree in the house.

By Maureen


2 Responses to “Mexican Traditions”

  1. Taryn Says:

    You have basically that same holidays that we do. We have Thanksgiving. For a holiday Thanksgiving is that we basically just give thanks for what we have. And who we get to spend it with.

  2. Jovita Says:

    Over here in Goodland my family and I do the same tradition as in Mexico for every holiday or special event.

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