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Salsa and Chile in Mexico November 16, 2009

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Salsa is indispensable for any Mexican food, from enchiladas to chilaquiles and of course tacos too!
The best salsa is made in a “Molcajete”. This salsa very distinguished but many remember its unique flavor but only few people prepared nowadays. Before all salsas were made in this form but now the people prefer to use a blender because it is quicker than using a molcajete.

The molcajete is used to crush and grind spices to prepare sauces, and guacamole. The surface is rough, because it is made of stone. Thanks to the porous texture it is “imposible” to fully clean, but this is what made the molcajete sauce different. Because they carry flavors from one salsa, they are spread to another. Salsas  and guacamole prepared in molcajetes are known to have a distinctive texture, and some also have a difference in flavor from those prepared in blenders. Molcajetes can also be used as a cooking tool, where it is heated to a high temperature, and then used to heat its food contents. Molcajetes are also used as serving dishes in restaurants and homes.

There are a few restaurants that still makes salsa in a molcajete. Now the people see that as a ritual to prepare a simple salsa. In these restaurants the chef goes to the customer with a molcajete and a variety of chiles, herbs, spices and condiments, where customers choose what they want in their salsa.

After this the chef begins to add and grind the ingredients, one by one, so the molcajete will gradually filling with an exquisite salsa!



10 Responses to “Salsa and Chile in Mexico”

  1. Erika Says:

    In Goodland not many people use molcajetes, but my grandma does. I also thought they were so fascinating. When ever she would grind spices in it I would ask if I could help, because they were so interesting. I think it so cool that they are made out of stone. That is so cool that some restaurants still use molcajetes to make salsa, and do it right in front of the costumers.

  2. Ellie Says:

    This is really neat and I think it would be really delicious.

  3. Javier Says:

    My mom sometimes makes salsa with those stone bowls. The salsa we make is really good.

  4. Jesse Says:

    This seems really cool!! My Parents have one of those stone bowl things.

  5. Bryan Says:

    I don’t like salsa but my mom would love this my aunt alicia makes that all the time my mom never tasted it before because there not related but my cousin jesus eats it all the time as does my uncle chino

  6. Darin Says:

    what is molcajete?
    what kind of spices do you use?

    • sher8000 Says:

      A molcajete is something we use to grind chiles and other things, it’s kind of like a pestle and mortar but made out of stone. People use a lot of different kinds of spices, but you usually add salt, pepper, sometimeso oregano, and other types of chile powders.

  7. ray Says:

    What kind of peppers do you use?

    • sher8000 Says:

      There are a LOT of different kinds of chiles here. For example, for salsa verde, we usually use serrano chiles and for salsa roja we use chile pasilla and other types of red chiles. We have habanero and jalapeno chiles, chile ancho, chile poblano, chile seco, chile de arbol and a lot more! They all taste a little different and are used for different things.

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