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Posadas: A Holiday Tradition November 16, 2009

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“Las Posadas” are traditional parties that we to do here in Mexico. These celebrations are done from the 16th to the 24th of December. They are to commemorate when Maria and Jose were looking for a place to sleep, so they could wait until the birth of Jesus. On the other hand, it is also to commemorate the 9 months that Maria was pregnant.

maria y jose

In Mexico a group of people organized themselves and did posadas in nine different houses. The people that are most interested in these celebrations are dressed like Maria or Jose, and sometimes they get a donkey. But this is not necessary.


To start everything the people have candles or sparklers and they sing Christmas Carol. The people that are outside sing the first part and the people that are inside the house answer with other part. This is a fragment of the song.


En nombre del cielo

Os pido posada

Pues no puede andar

Mi esposa amada


Aquí no es mesón

Sigan adelante

Yo no puedo abrir

No sea algún tunante


No seas inhumano

Tennos caridad

Que el Rey de los cielos

Te lo premiará


Ya se pueden ir

Y no molestar

porque si me enfado

Os voy a apalear


Venimos rendidos

Desde Nazaret

Yo soy carpinteroluces-de-vengala-d--large-msg-119863854633


De nombre José


No me importa el nombre

Déjenme dormir

Porque ya les digo

Que no hemos de abrir

And when finally everyone is inside of the hoUse, they pray the Rosary. Then they eat atole, tamales and punch. Later they break the Piñata that is made of 7 peaks, because of the 7 cardinal sins and they have fruits, like oranges, tejocote, nuts, candies of colacion, etc. But actually some people don’t make piñatas. Instead they just give candies to the kids.


And to finish they give “Aguinaldo”, that could be money or a bag with candies and fruit.


4 Responses to “Posadas: A Holiday Tradition”

  1. Ashley Martell Says:

    This is really interesting. Its always fun to learn how other countries celebrate Christmas!

  2. Kirsten Says:

    It is interesting that you celebrate Christmas on December 24th, because in the US we celebrate Christmas on the 25th. The 24th is Christmas eve and we attend church services and have family gatherings. We also go caroling around the neighborhood the prior week.

    • aurishardman Says:

      yeah well the December 24th we call it “Noche buena”…. and in many places instead that santa clause bring presents, is “el niño Jesus”, but just in some places. In Irapuato most of the people prefers santa haha 🙂

  3. Shelby Says:

    thats so cool i never knew that but i prefer santa

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