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Mexican Culture: Tequila November 16, 2009

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Tequila is not only a national drink, but also a symbol of Mexico whose meaning is not only as an alcoholic drink. It refers to the symbol of some novels, poems and other activities. In general, tequila is a part of the Mexican heritage.

The governments confirm that the production of tequila in Mexico is one of the things that describes a small part of the Mexican culture. The responsibility of the workers is to make tequila with the best quality and security.

Penjamo is the main area where tequila is cultivated and produced. This municipality is located in the south west of the state of Guanajuato and it means “Place of ahuehuete trees”. In Penjamo you can go to Corralejo.


Tequila Corralejo

This beautiful place was built in 1775 by Pedro Sánchez de Tagle. It’s considered very important because Miguel Hidalgo, also known as our father or as the leader of the Mexican War of Independence, was born here. The city considers itself as cradle of Independence. In 2010, we’re celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Mexican Independence and 100 years of the Mexican Revolution.

Tequila is aged for four months in rigid barrels of three different types of wood so the taste of the tequila is unique. All fine tequilas undergo a double distillation to keep the original taste. The natural source of the tequila is the maguey since Mexico was colonized by the Spanish people, and this plant is very similar to the cactus.


Inside this place, there is a museum: “The Museum of Wine and Bottle,” which by their variety of alcoholic beverages is the largest in Mexico. It includes about 3000 bottles and 99% retains its original drink.

Only a small part of the collection

The colossal monument is located in an esplanade, as well as the Baroque church that is still known for its immense towers and the astounding view to the Penjamo Mountains. There are fast food restaurants in the area.


There is another great monument at the entrance road to Corralejo, where Miguel Hidalgo is holding the flag of the Virgin of Guadalupe and it represents the beginning of the Independence. Next to this tourist attraction a company is located which produced the famous known tequila bottles and also this is a souvenir shop.

A personal experience was that when I was a child my dad took me to Corralejo. When I saw the place I really liked it, especially the collection of diverse bottles and old stuff. In 2000 my first communion was celebrated there. All my friends and family had a great time and the landscape was unique. It’s a peaceful place where you can watch how they make the tequila and you can take a walk around the museum.

Indeed, the Mexican culture has a lot of different topics to talk about, but the production of Tequila is important to the commerce because it is now consumed around the world. There are many tequila events and fairs in Mexico, not always in the tequila producing regions. Tequila is intertwined with many aspects of Mexican culture, from the oldest traditions of mezcal production, to be part of some novels and songs.

By Brenda



1.-Where is Penjamo located?

2.-Why is tequila a unique symbol in Mexico?

3.- How is tequila produced?

4.-What’s Corralejo?

5.-What other attractions are in that area and why are they important to Mexican culture?


4 Responses to “Mexican Culture: Tequila”

  1. Lauren Says:

    For my sisters wedding rehearsal, there was a bottle of Mexican tequila. My grandpa went to Mexico a while back to visit our family and he picked a tall blue bottle of tequila. Then toward the end of this when you mentioned the Virgin of Guadalupe it reminded me of my grandma because she was named after the Virgin of Guadalupe. Her name is Lupe.

    • itsbrenrv1 Says:

      Your story sounds very interesting. The Virgin of Guadalupe is an important symbol for our culture and my religion. Also, in Mexico city there’s a church built in her honor. I think that the name is beautiful.

  2. Susan Schuman Says:

    In the pictures above is a tall blue bottle of tequila. I cannot read the label, but would like to know the brand name. I have been looking for this bottle, but have not been able to locate it.

    • sher8000 Says:

      That brand of tequila is called Corralejo, and I think the type is “reposado”, made in a tequilera here in Penjamo, Guanajuato. It’s famous in our area but I think I’ve seen it sold abroad as well!

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