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Soccer in Mexico November 14, 2009

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Currently, in Mexico the entertainment is really good, but it has some bad things like the publicity. It is not an interference in our country because we have a lot of things with a lot of entertainment like the music, sports, TV, concerts, music reviews, Mexican movie reviews, etc. In this work I want to talk about one topic that very important and interesting for me, this topic is one of my pasion life and it is SOCCER. Soccer is a wonderul sport because in this sport soccer players can play with the soccer ball as they wish because they can maneuver with the ball a lot of times and they can run along the field with the ball doing things they thought were impossible. In soccer games we can see a lot of famous soccer players that make a lot of money.

In this sport soccer players are two teams of eleven players. The players who are in the field are the goalkeeper, the person who makes it impossible to make a goal. The next position in the field are the soccer defenses. These are players who do not let the other team have the ball. The next soccer players in the field are the soccer mediums who are people who like to move the ball all over the field because they are so agile and they are so smart because they know how and where they need to move the ball. The last position in soccer is the front soccer players, who are people that put the ball in the opposite goal. They need to shoot the ball in the other goal because with these goals the teams can win.

There are a lot of teams in Mexico like the Guadalajara, Cruz Azul, América, Toluca, Pachuca, Indios, Puebla, Queretaro, Santos,  San Luis,  Atlas, Monterrey, Morelia, Jaguares, Tigres, Atlante, Estudiantes and Pumas. Some of  these teams are so famous for each type of game. Others are so interesting because of the history they have but all of these teams win with one thing in common: they are clean games and the people that go to see the games support them.

I like this sport a lot because it helps the young people , and this is a good way to stay healthy a lot of years. With soccer as entertainment it is great because people can go to the staudiums to support our teams and we can be with our families in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We can also see our teams when the are the champions in the tournament in Mexico and we can be so happy or sometimes so sad when our team loses the tournament or some importants games.

 *Written by Allan*


3 Responses to “Soccer in Mexico”

  1. Mara Says:

    I’m a student here in the state of Kansas. My teacher is Mrs.Porterfield who also teaches Spanish. In America we don’t play very much soccer, but our main sport would be football. We have Superbowls for the professional football teams, and Big 12 college football teams who play each other. The next popular sport is a tie between basketball and baseball. My personal favorite sport is basketball. I also enjoy volleyball. It sounds like people really enjoy the sport of soccer in Mexico. I don’t know much about soccer but we do play it in school for our Physical Education class (also known as P.E.).

  2. marvin Says:

    hi this is daniel i like soccer a lot when i used to live in minnesota i played it everyday and when i moved to kansas they didn’t have it because it is a really small town.My favorite team is Mexico, and United kingdom. I like dragons?

  3. Miranda Says:

    I love to play soccer. My dad taught me how to play soccer.

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