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Entertainment in Mexico November 14, 2009

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This is a very big topic because there are a lot of things that you can do for entertainment, and have fun with those things. I will give you some examples: music, sports, TV, concerts, music reviews, Mexican movie reviews, etc.

In Mexico, there are a lot of things that you can do for entertainment. Entertainment is to have fun with the intention of fixing the attention of an audience or its participants. There are different ways to entertain people, but it depends on the taste of each person, and something very important about how to entertain people is the age of the person, because we know that you are not going to entertain an adult, a child or a baby with the same thing. Obviously they have different ways to have fun.

For example:
– An adult likes to see football games, some cultural expositions, to know about what is happening in the world, to read the news paper, etc.
– A child likes to play football instead of watching it on TV, to see animated cartoons, listening to music, saw movies, etc.
– A baby  likes to cry, to play with his toys, to eat, to destroy the things that he takes, etc.

Mexico is one of the biggest stages of entertainment worldwide. Our culture is unique and it is showed every day in shows, performances and exhibitions to which they are invited to participate. In Mexico you will find that all space is used for cultural expression. The number of theaters and auditoriums is remarkable, but you may also find that even in a simple square you can enjoy a show.

But Mexico also receives the best of art and show business. If you visit the biggest cities of Mexico, you can see the concert or recital of some world-renowned artist, or also to met important people in some shows.

After the excitement of witnessing a show, you’ll want to continue the party. That’s why the Mexican people know how to enjoy the nightlife and for that purpose it has hundreds of bars, restaurants and clubs to do so. Furthermore, we like to share these spaces and our joy with those who visit us.

Guanajuato has a lot of shows that are recognized in Latin-American, and also in the entire world, I will tell you some of them:

   -Festival Cervantino
   -Expresión en Corto
   -Festival de Órgano
   -Rally Corona
   -Guanajuato en Globo
   -Muerte en Cartelera
   -Muestra de Cine de Horror

If you are from another country or also if you want to know more about Mexico and its mystery, even if you are from here, you can visit a lot of places where you can see the history of this wonderful republic and all its magnificent cultures.

I will tell you some current places that you have to see if you want to be impressed.

   -Chichen Itzá
   -Rivera Maya

Mexico has a lot of places that are very important and if I put all of them here, I will not have enough room.

Because of this and all the things that make Mexico a magnificent place, you have a lot of things to do for entertainment and I swear you that you will not get bored  at any time.

*Article written by Saul*


3 Responses to “Entertainment in Mexico”

  1. julio Says:

    Hola. Mi nombre es Julio. I’m not very good on spelling In Spanish but I’m Mexican in the United States. I want to know what are these big temples. They look cool. Write back .Ok! Bye.

  2. AmberS Says:

    The entertainment in Mexico looks like loads of fun. I would love to see some of the Mexican art. lalala =]]

  3. AmberP Says:

    Entertainment in Mexico is different from entertainment in the U.S. but it still sounds like fun. :]

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