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Mexican Past Times November 13, 2009

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In México there are many sports but not all are from México because some are from the U.S., Rome, England, etc. For example, soccer is the sport most used in the world. Each country has their team of soccer, and competes with each for the victory’s trophy.

Many people likes soccer but some people don’t like to play it, but enjoy watching the games. Currently, there are many stadiums throughout the entire republic of Mexico, but the most used are from Mexico or Monterrey because these cities are bigger, and there are many people that like soccer.

The boys that represent our country in the games normally are from Mexico. Those men are the best players, for example, there is Memo Ochoa, Giovanni Dos Santos, and Cuauhtémoc Blanco.


When Mexico wins a game, in the principal streets of Mexico, there are many people celebrating the victory of their country. The street of the Independence Angel is the street with most people.

Many people play soccer: children, adolescents and adults.
Soccer is a funny game, but also there are others sports that are good, like American football. This is a very strong sport, probably the strongest sport in the world, because the players, always hit each other. Nonetheless, it is an exciting sport, popular.

Those games in the professional category almost never happen in Mexico, but in the mid category frequently you see them. For example, Technologic De Monterrey has their team, and competes with other teams, but only inside of the Mexican republic.

Another popular sport is  swimming because people likes to watch it and practice it.

The sports fans are always watching games on TV or live, but you can also go to the city where the game is. This is a great way to get to know more places, not only go to see the game.


In Mexico there are many forms of having fun,  like exploring places, walking with the family, and playing a sport. But there are also other forms of entertainment: TV, radio, movies, etc. People now spend more time in their houses seeing TV, a movie, etc.
It is okay that you can relax, watching TV or a movie, but you mustn’t be all the time in front of the TV; you must leave to go somwhere, be with friends, family, etc.

There are many ways to enjoy your time, but what makes it unique is who you spend it with. Remember, we will not live for ever, so we have to know how use our time wisely!

For example, sports are a best option to live with the family, take a stroll through the city, and explore places, etc.

There are many ways to enjoy time. For example,  single people go to bars, cinema, or stay at home, if someone, doesn’t knows how to enjoy time, they are alone, because they don’t have family or friends to spend the day with. If you are accompanied with your family or friends, you will have unforgettable moments.

TV, sport games, cinemas, going to bars, and exploring places  are many ways to enjoy. Only use your imagination to know what to do, find a way to entertain your life!! It’s fun!

*Article written by Andrea*


2 Responses to “Mexican Past Times”

  1. Todd Says:

    Hi I am Todd. I read the article about the “Mexican Past Time”. Personally I don’t really watch soccer but I like to play the sport. My p.e teacher says I am really good at the sport.

  2. Jose Says:

    My name is Jose and i love soccer. My favorite soccer team from mexico is America. Im really good at soccer because all my family members played in teams. Over here we play football, basketball and soccer. Mostly me and my friends play 21 its like basketball but you have to score 21 points its really fun. Hope you guys enjoy my writing.

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