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Entertainment in Mexico November 9, 2009

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Because of its landscapes, Mexico has a lot of activities that foreigners and locals love to do, like going to the beach like: Vallarta, Acapulco, Cancun, Ixtapa, Veracruz; swim in the pool with hot water, go camping for leaving the work, the stress, the city, the pollution and the most important to change the custom of everyday. Soccer is the most favorite sport by Mexican people, so one of the principal entertainments in Mexico is to play and watch it on T.V. It is rare that any Mexican hates soccer and especially in men. And it is easy to find people playing football in any place because you only need a ball, two goals and two teams and you can play it like a pro. Mexico, after Europe, has one of the richest football teams in the world because all the fanatics that pays for going to the stadium to support their teams.

But for other Mexicans music is so important and in general Mexicans love “Rancheras” and it can be sung by: rancheras bands, mariachis, trios etc. These bands are like rappers in the U.S.A. because they start in a little town being poor and they finish with a lot of expensive cars and with mansions in all the country.

Although Mexican cinema is not so important in the world it has thousands of quality movies. And the first Mexican movie without help of other countries is El Automóvil Gris that has been filmed in 1919. And the top 20 of the most important movies in Mexico are:

Vámonos con Pancho Villa (1935) from Fernando de Fuentes

Los olvidados (1950) from Luis Buñuel

El compadre Mendoza (1933) from Fernando de Fuentes

Aventurera (1949) from Alberto Gout

Una familia de tantas (1948) from Alejandro Galindo

Nazarín (1958) from Luis Buñuel

Él (1952) from Luis Buñuel

La mujer del puerto (1933) from Arcady Boytler

El lugar sin límites (1977) from Arturo Ripstein

Ahí está el detalle (1940) from Juan Bustillo Oro

Campeón sin corona (1945) from Alejandro Galindo

Enamorada (1946) from Emilio Fernández

Pueblerina (1948) from Emilio Fernández

Canoa (1975) from Felipe Cazals Los hermanos Del Hierro (1961) from Ismael Rodríguez

El ángel exterminador (1962) de Luis Buñuel

Cadena perpetua (1978) de Arturo Ripstein

El rey del barrio (1949) de Gilberto Martínez Solares

El esqueleto de la señora Morales (1959) de Rogelio A. González

Víctimas del pecado (1950) de Emilio Fernández

But Mexico is also a country with a lot of traditions in its  religion or parties to celebrate the victory of some important wars in the past like: Mexican Independence, Mexican Revolution, Batalla de Puebla, Batalla de los Niños Heroes etc. And one of the good things is that in Mexico you can do the same activities all  year round because of the climate, not like in other countries that the half of the year you have snow.

*Article written by Wilfrido*


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