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MEXICAN FOOD November 6, 2009

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Most of the Mexican foods are so elaborated, but the truth is that at the end everything is so delicious. Something that characterizes us is that the food usually has spicy and different colors.

There are many ways to prepare each type of food, because it depends of the person that prepares it and their taste, or according to the family recipes.

We have a lot of food, like: tacos, tortas, tamales, garnachas, gorditas, pepitas, biznagas, enchiladas, chilaquiles, chocolate, atole, los romeritos, tostadas, mole, buñuelos, aztec soup, tequila, etc.

Now I’m going to mention some foods:

Tacos, gorditas and tortas: you can choose whatever you want; they are a lot of ingredients that you can be surprised.



Chilaquiles: to prepare it, first of all you need tortillas, and put it in oil, until they look like toast, you can do them in red or green sauce, which you prepare before, and later in a pan you put oil and later the sauce. Then you put salt, epazote and water and you leave it until it boil. Then you add the tortillas in chunks. And when it boils again you turn off the fire and cover them. Something that you should know is that they are served hot and you can put cream, onion and cheese.


Tamales: It is a mass of corn with lard, which within can have things as chicken, meat of pig, mole, sugar, etc. And these are involved with leaves of corncob.


Pozole: This food is very common for holidays. It is the pozole white and the red (when it has been cooked by chili). The pozole is a soup of grains of corn, meat of pork or beast, onion, chili, lettuce, salt, and other ingredients that they can add to the moment to serve it.


Chocolate: the majority of the people know what it is, but the special thing in Mexico is a tradition that says that, if while you prepare the chocolate, you  make foam in less than one minute it means that you are ready to get married.


And to conclude, in Mexico there is a lot of variety of food and if you come one day, you have to know that you can find delicious food.


15 Responses to “MEXICAN FOOD”

  1. john Says:

    Back across the border in America we have all sorts of food. We have Italian American Mexican and everything in between. Some of the most popular foods are cheeseburgers, pizza, tacos, hot dogs and candy.

  2. Cody Says:

    I really like tamales. I have had them in our restaurants here in the U.S.A.

    • aurishardman Says:

      haha I like tamales too, my favorite is of sugar. One day a friend from Dallas told me that tamales are better in Mexico than in U.S.A, so hope you can prove one made in mexico 🙂

  3. Bracelyn Says:

    Here in Goodland we like to eat Mexican food, too, but it is a little different. We also like to eat Italian food like spaghetti and pizza and Chinese food. In a small town like Goodland we don’t have a big selection of restaurants, so fast food like hamburgers and french fries are very popular here.

    • aurishardman Says:

      Yeah, here in Irapuato we have that food too, and there are big places that specializes in that kind of food, and it taste really good… and recently there is a place to eat german food

  4. lydia Says:

    Here in Goodland we eat a variety of foods. like italian, for instance spaghetti or pizza even. there is also the American food of course like burgers, french fries, shakes, malts, many types of candy, steak, and many others that are escaping my mind. we also eat mexican food, if what we get from the fast food places here real mexican food! my mom loves to be in the kitchen and make all kinds of food, mexican especially.

    • aurishardman Says:

      wow it’s cool that your mom do it for you, I think that it’s better because she knows what you like the most and do it more times, and if your mom can do it, I recomend you (if she doesn’t do it ><) to ask her for ice cream, my grandmother do it sometimes, and I think that is better than the one that you buy

  5. Alexandra Says:

    Fast food is rather popular here in Goodland, Kansas. Although, we as well put time into preparing our food. Some of our most elaborate times of preparation where meals are concerned pertain to the holidays we celebrate. One that comes to mind particularly is Thanksgiving. Although it differs from Latin American culture there are certain foods that are almost expected at the table in America. Such as turkey, ham, or pot roast. Vegetables such as green beans, corn, and peas. Other items that would most commonly be at the table would include, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce,and pumpkin pie.

    • aurishardman Says:

      here too, haha, in holidays we make a lot of food :s, is great when you eat it but not that good when you need to help haha, I think that it’s the worst part, but anyway that the best thing in the parties

  6. Connor Says:

    Hello, my name is connor and I am from goodland,Ks. I really like Mexican food. And all the things I read about sound really good. I hope to try them some day.

  7. Miranda Says:

    I love mexican food, my dad cooks alot of it. Our main foods in America is hamburgers.

  8. AUSTIN Says:

    all that food look very good but very differnt

  9. Janeth Says:

    Wow.! all this food looks amazing, even though I’m mexican i
    actually haven’t tired all these foods. But hopefully I get to try them soon.!

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