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Mariachis November 6, 2009

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The word “mariachi” comes from the French word marriage.  Mariachis are used  in some parties but mainly they are used in marriages and weddings.

Mariachis are descendants of some Mexican tribes; they belonged to the Cocula zone in the Jalisco state. This tribe arrived to Cocula in the century XVI. The “coca” people were people with music skills.


Mariachis or bands, in the beginning only had stringed instruments.

Mariachis groups are a musical set typical of Mexico. The mariachis groups are a symbol of the Mexican culture; because they are known in the entire World.

There are a lot of famous song authors that had written many songs for the mariachis groups, like Ruben Fuentes, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Tomas Mendez and Manuel Esperón.

A mariachi group is made up of 7 or 12 musicians; it doesn’t have a limit of the people who can play in the group. The instruments that they used to play are the guitar, guitarron, violin, vihuela, trumpet, flute and sometimes a harp. Some mariachis bands that are in the United States also use an accordion.


The mariachis bands not only play original music from Jalisco, now they also play different styles of music like ballad, “rancheras”, corridos, Mexican waltz, they can play a lot of traditional music of Mexico.

The first sets of mariachis were dressed with Mexican costumes of the states of Colima, Nayarit and Jalisco.  The costume was made with a cotton blanket and with a hat made of straw. But in the beginning of the century XX, the mariachis bands started to use new costumes in their presentations. The new costume is what we know now as a “charro suit” or “traje de charro”. This costume is black or sometimes it can be also white and it has ornaments of different colours. They still use a hat and the color of the hat depends of the suit that they use.

Mariachi Tapatio Jose Marmolejo

The mariachis used to appear in the Mexican movies, which help them to be more famous in the entire world.  The first mariachis women appeared in the middle of the century XX in Mexico City.

In the capital of the country, there is a famous place in the downtown called “ Plaza Garibaldi”, in that place you can find a lot of groups of mariachis playing there.

So if you want to visit Mexico you need to go to that places like plaza Garibaldi, because you can see the real traditions that we have here in Mexico.

tour-nocturno-ciudad-de-mexico Plaza Garibaldi.


5 Responses to “Mariachis”

  1. Timothy Says:

    Mariachi bands are neat. I like the music mariachi bands play. In America we have different types of music. Where I live country music is native to our area. I like country music too. People also listen to Rap, Hip Hop, and Rock. I think the instruments that Mariachi bands play are very interesting. Guitars, Trumpets, and violins. The guitarron and vihuela are instruments that I do not see often in our country. I play the Trumpet in the Junior high band and I have a drum set at my house.

  2. Hope Says:

    Music at weddings in America can vary in style according to what the bride and groom prefer in music. Like Tim said, country music is very popular in our area but some couples may also want to be traditional and just play classical music. I have been to some really fun weddings where the DJ plays pop music and popular songs.

  3. ulises1393 Says:

    I thought they also play that instruments (the vihuela and guitarron) , but maybe they don’t do that, because they think that only guitars, trumpets and violins are the important thing to make a mariachi band.

  4. Gabby Says:

    Mariachi music is really cool to listen to. My dad loves them. So does the rest of my family on my dad side. I love the way they look, I love wearing those hates. The way they look when they sing outside is amazing. The sunset looks beautiful next to that building.

  5. yesenia Says:

    i like
    ur guys
    nice website
    u guyz got teir!!♥

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