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HERMOSILLO November 6, 2009

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HERMOSILLO, SONORA  A city full of culture.


The intention of this city in its beginnings was that the Spanish people were detaining the advance of the natives of the seris and tepocas, two important cultures in this city. But that Holiest so called Trinidad del Pitic expands now proudly, loaded with history, traditions and a promising future.


One of the most important capitals of Mexico opens the doors to his visitors every day to give them a taste of the great city.

Besides being an industrial city Hermosillo offers a lot of options for those that look for entertainment, art, culture, history or beautiful beaches like could de Kino’s Bay. Anyway, this city will make you get really surprised.

If you come to Hermosillo and you don’t know where to have dinner, a meal or something, here I give you this three options for you to come here. You will enjoy it.



This is a very nice restaurant where you will find a lot of great meals. It’s speciality is the meat, and you know that in the northern part of this country the meat is better than any other in the whole country. Besides the atmosphere is great, it has someone playing the piano while you eat.  Here  is the address:

(662)214-4045  (662)215-8406



In this cafe you’ll learn about everything, because this is a cafe with an art exhibition area. This cafe loves everything relationated with art, paintings, photography’s and other things that you can enjoy watching them at the same time you have your coffee. Also, sometimes they sell the art that are in exhibition. Here is the address: 


 And finally…


As you know, Hermosillo is very closed to the sea, indeed it has a very nice seafood. So if you don’t want to miss a new experience by tasting the seafood that “Topetes Maricos” offers you, you can’t forget to go to this place. Also it has a nice place, where kids can play on the outside. Here is the address:




playa 1

And if you want to have some fun, enjoying the sun you should go to Puerto Peñasco. It is a paradise newly discovered. It is famous for being a refuge of adventurers and fishermen. Thes beaches are the mainly attraction for the visitors because in them it is possible to practice the jet ski,  boat riding, fishing,  sailing, or simply going on a relaxing walk.

 playa 2

Also you can come and visit San Carlos, New Guaymas that is characterized for being a beautiful port.  The landscape, desert vegetation and a sea of blue color are the combination of a special touch that makes a desire to explore the place, going fishing and entering to the submarine world.

 playa 3

And finally you can come and visit the Kino’s Bay (Bahia de Kino). Here the visitor finds the ideal place to relax and enjoy a lot beach activities like aquatic sports, also you can swim in its calm waters, diving, practicing other sports like fishing or walking along its nice sand.

playa 4

 Remember that there are so many more things to do here in Hermosillo. This city is full of history, and good experiences that you can live with your friends and family. You just have to pick a date and come to visit us. We will be waiting for you here!. 

BY: Maria Soto Ferraris 


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