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Leon, Guanajuato October 21, 2009

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Leon, is known as the “shoe capital” of Mexico for its shoe factories, leather craft fur and leather goods.


Founders Plaza

This plaza has four bronze lions located in the center of the Plaza, before Parian, and subsequently Garden Industry, in the pedestrian zone. It was built with the celebration of the 400th anniversary of founding of the city (1976). Opposite it, is a commemorative plaque Capelo tile in the nearby city of Guanajuato, Gto. with the names of the first Spanish settlers in the city.

Casa de las Monas

Work of Master Herculano Ramirez finished in 1870 and currently occupied by trade, whose appeal are the masks and columns that adorn its facade. In the Revolution, General Villa was occupied as a headquarters during their stay in the city.


Leon Zoo

Here you will find a large amount of gardens, and various animals: camels, polar bears, giraffes, lions, elephants and a tapir famous for having been chosen by Mel Gibson for his recent film Apocalypto, to mention some of its more than 1,100 specimens of more than 180 different species. The zoo also has a Safari, ecosystem similar to the African savannah where animals are found in semi-freedom.

Parque Metropolitano de Leon

This park is located in the ecological reserve around Palote Dam used for aerobic sports and boating. The children’s train “the West” is scaled to a train that was built in 1863 in the U.S. It has a botanical garden of medicinal plants, a children’s city, where he teaches driver education, and the Air Terminal Children (AeroFantasía) with a Boeing 727-100.

Explora Science Center

This is an interactive family science museum. The park is visited by various interactive areas ranging from the human body to space, or water. This park is aimed at children and one of the main rules is “touched”. Explore Park has one of the largest IMAX theaters where there are daily high quality movies. The park has explored a plane on display used in the Second World War. The forum explores lake is a outdoor theater, the stage is a platform on the lake.


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  1. Colton Says:

    Kansas has one town ,Wichita, as big as yours. In the small town I live in there is a small museum but that is it. The closest zoo is in Denver which is three hours away. There are a few parks but no gardens only local gardeners.

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