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Things to do in Irapuato October 15, 2009

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The city of Irapuato is located in the state of Guanajuato and has an area of 786.4 km ². Irapuato is not very big but you can have fun doing a lot of things.


The city of Irapuato has nice places to visit. One of them is the historical downtown, and there are the attractive dancing fountains. A true rainbow that not only is perceived by the sense of sight, unless it is accompanied by sound that is contagious and encourages viewers a real show of light and sound. 

When the sun fired its last rays of the day when the moon and the stars make their appearance in the sky in Irapuato starting out colorful water jets of dancing fountain. fuentedeaguasdanzarinas2120050

 In the downtown you can also visit the cathedral, which is a baroque building, and has a neoclassical style and is one of the examples of religious architecture of Irapuato.


Another important place which you can go is The House of Culture where people can register for workshops of art, and going to see the expositions of paintings, sculptures and more.

Also there you can visit the museum. It is small but has a lot of interesting things, like paintings, and antiques objects.

The museum has weapons room,archaeological room and temporary showroom.


If you like to do sports, a nice place is the coexistence park which has a skating rink, swimming pool, tennis court and green areas. Is located south of the city is a playground featuring zoo and has a lake, green areas for rest and many more attractions for the family.parke

Another place to practice sports but is most private is the Club Santa Margarita, which is located in Villas de Irapuato. The club has a large pool for swimming classes and a gym. It also has a golf course. This is an excellent place for have some time to relax, because this club has a massage area.

And finally other place to practice sports is the north and south sportive where you can find disciplines like Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Martial Arts, Volleyball, Gymnastics and Badminton.


Plaza Cibeles is a good option if you need to buy something like clothes, shoes or fast food. Plaza Cibeles is a big place that has many stores, have a food area, and a big cinema.  In this place you can give a tour, visit all the stores.

 Also there is a big cinema Cinepolis, which has 15 rooms and each of them with air conditioning and comfortable seating.

Just in front of Cibeles you can go to Starbucks and spent a very pleasant moment, drinking a delicious coffee, or eating a delicious cake. In this place you decide if you want to sit outside or inside. 

If you like animals, you can go to the zoo to see all the animals like bears, giraffes, elephants, etc. Has 103 mammals and 271 Birds.

The zoo of Irapuato has a natural ecosystem function, which allows contact of most animals with visitors. jirafa3

And finally if you like going to the clubs, you can go to Barezzito which is like a lounge bar where you can drink, eat and dance, and the kind of music is 90’s music and electro.

Another club is Cocktail where you can also dance, drink and have fun with your friends, but the kind of music in this club is generally electro.

If you like betting money and have fun Bingo Caliente is the best option, it has the best casinos, and you can play and enjoy a good glass of wine while you win money.



7 Responses to “Things to do in Irapuato”

  1. Bucaneer Joe Says:

    This site is awesome, I am doing a research project on this, it is so useful.

  2. Jacob Says:

    I really like the park in this city its very relaxing, i live in a small town in kansas and our parks are nothing compared to the ones here. It would be cool to play sports in a park like that.

  3. deborahh Says:

    these places look gorgeous*
    im from a small town in Kansas so people around here really don’t see much of this. Consider your selves lucky. Around Kansas all you really see is a lot of farm animals and crops. Going to Eastern Kansas there is much more pretty scenery. Keep posting :]]

  4. Blaine Says:

    Irapuato looks awesome! Our town of Goodland has a population of around 4,000 people compared to your city of 400,000! From the pictures, it looks like there are so many things to do, which is like the complete opposite of Goodland. All there is really to do here is hang out with friends on the weekends and go driving around. I wish I lived there!

  5. matthew Says:

    The area where you live has an interesting climate. It reminds me of Florida but with a different culture. Here in Kansas there is nothing to do besides hang out with people. There are very few people here so it can get very boring and there is nothing to do in a small town like this. Thank you. Your culture has a very gorgeous climate. Where you live also has many types of colors.

  6. Meg Says:

    This is very interesting! The only places in Goodland to shop is WALMART ( which is very boring!) but other wise you have to go to like Denver or somewhere else. We have a very nice Sports store/jewelry store here also (which my big bro taylen owns). Anyways I would love to live there, it would be so awesome and much more fun. =]

  7. Taylen Says:

    Irapuato looks amazing it looks like a really fun place to live an I hope I can visit there some day

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