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 Irapuato is a city located in the south central region of the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. It’s famous for its delicious strawberries.

Irapuato has a lot of cultural activities, but the most important is the big variety of restaurants.

Plaza Cibeles Mall. This is the newest and largest mall in the city of Irapuato. The mall contains many restaurants. For example:

Barezzito: This is a Bar-restaurant where you can listen to live music or a DJ. It’s famous for its big variety of drinks.



Hippos Café Bar: You can find snacks, salads and cakes. It has big screens for special events. Also, the decoration of the place is very creative.



Frascati: Italian food. They have good service and comfortable furniture.



Sushi Tai: Japanese food. If you want food for another country, this is the right place to taste something different.



Gorditas Doña Tota: Mexican food. The restaurant has a bar, where the customers sit in front and they can see all the stews. The gorditas are filled with other ingredients and they are served at the same time.

Tortas Pantoja: On Thursday they have a promotion: 2×1 sandwiches. They are really soft, hygienic and their sauce is good. The mall has a lot of fast food restaurants. It’s a place where you can find fast food so you can go to other entertaining places.



Other restaurants are located throughout Irapuato. For example:

Cocodrilos: This place is located in “Las Plazas”. It’s a restaurant with international food and delicious appetizers.

 Hacienda de Torres: International food. They have buffet for every meal and an area with games. You can celebrate an event with good prices. They have a special kid’s area, with games. And also if you want, you can have a party there, they have a special room in the second floor or you can chose stay inside or outside.

Hacienda de Torres

Hacienda de Torres

El Rincón Gaucho: It’s famous for its meat cuts and roast meat. Also, they have elegant beverages. It’s expensive but is high quality.

Rincon Gaucho

Rincon Gaucho

Lupillos: It’s known for the good service. It’s a restaurant where you can eat and choose a lot of pizza varieties. They have home delivery, they are not expensive and they have promotions on Tuesday. Their pizzas have less dough and more cheese. And they have many establishments.

Tacos “El Pingüino”: It’s the best place in Irapuato where you can eat tacos. The salsas are delicious. It’s cheaper than other places. Even though there is a big variety of soda, they have a really good water of horchata. And it is not expensive, that’s one of the reasons why that restaurant is very successful.

Tacos Furber: They have a different type of tacos because the tacos are made with flour and they have chimichurri sauce. Also in special events they have mariachi.

El Portón: It’s in a strategic place. It’s a good place where you can eat with your family because it has a kids menu, good entries, soups and packages for every meal that are cheap.

Irapuato is a beautiful place to go when you want to have fun. The big variety of restaurants and their good service is something that you can enjoy and you can remember all the special moments.


 Comprehension questions:

Why is Irapuato so important and recognized?

Where is the city of Irapuato?

Where you can find fast food restaurants?

What are the names of the places where you can eat tacos?

Does Irapuato have international restaurants?



  1. marthapg Says:

    This is very interesting!! Could I still go to the Cervantino Festival ?

  2. JJ Says:

    These restrants look very nice! I would like to go to Mexico some day. Im from a small Kansas town and the nicest restraunt we have is Crazy ®s and Pizza Hut

  3. Austin Says:

    Some of these restaurants seem really interesting and nice. My favorite one would probably be the Hippos Cafe Bar due to its fine elegance and big screens. I’m also a fan of italian food so Frascati’s would also seem like a nice place to eat. Music is also one of my interests so Barezzito’s looks like a good place go and hang out with some friends on a weekend to have some drinks and hang out. I live in a pretty small town in Kansas and our restaurants have nothing on these ones. I hope I get to come to these restaurants some day!

  4. itsbrenrv1 Says:

    We have Pizza Hut too. I would like to go to Kansas one day!
    So glad that you like this information.
    Many restaurants in Irapuato are nice places to eat something delicious and have fun!

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