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Places to go shopping in Irapuato October 15, 2009

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Hi there! Here some of the thousand places were you can go shopping in Irapuato. Enjoy them!

Plaza Cibelescibeles

The biggest mall in Irapuato. In it, there are some well-known stores to go shopping such as Marti, C&A, El Globo, Maskota, Radioshack etc… Besides clothes, electronics and pets, you can also find departmental stores such as Liverpool, and of course, there’s a Food Court, which has some of the best fast food chains, such as Burger King and Dominos Pizza.


Plaza del ComercioGetAttachment

This plaza is one of the oldest shopping spots in Irapuato, but it doesn’t have modern stores and fancy clothing. Instead here you’ll find all sort of handmade crafts, toys and clothes. Merchandise will change according to the date. If there’s an important upcoming event, you’ll find things regarding it, like Christmas, Halloween among other important dates.

Casa de las Fresascasa

Irapuato is quite famous for the production of strawberries. This store offers you the best you can find around, and while you eat some delicious strawberries with cream you can look around the store a lot of artisanal objects, such as home made jam, dehydrated fruits and some toys.


If your looking for something simple and cheap this is a very popular store all around Mexico. This store sells very cheap things in the city like fake things, videogames, clothes, toys and other things for a very cheap price.

Plaza muranomurano2

The newest plaza in Irapuato. It has a very nice restaurant called Argentilia and there`s going to be a lot of big stores to buy clothes, electronic things, banks and more things. murano1

See you in the next article! 🙂


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